Security Product Designed to Protect Smart Homes

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Nov 16, 2015 06:15 pm PST

Security Product Designed to Protect Smart HomesF-Secure poised to seize control of the consumer security market after announcing a next generation security product designed to protect smart homes.

F-Secure announced its latest security solution today during a keynote address at the Slush startup conference in Helsinki. The new product, called F-Secure SENSE, combines unique hardware and software to provide people with a single source of protection for all of the devices in their homes – including PCs, tablets and smartphones, as well as newer Internet of Things (IoT) products.

“People are starting to buy all kinds of new smart devices to use in their homes and we know that these devices are already being hacked,” said Samu Konttinen, F-Secure’s executive vice president, consumer security. “We’ve seen footage from nanny cams streamed online without people’s knowledge or consent, and it’s been proven that intruders can use something as simple as a connected light bulb to get access to people’s homes. Criminals are constantly developing new ways of turning people’s technology against them and security solutions need to evolve to meet this challenge.”

F-Secure SENSE is a security product that protects people by securing the internet-connected devices in their living space – including IoT devices that are unable to run traditional security apps. Its standout component is a piece of smart hardware that creates a private, secure network by connecting with the other devices in people’s homes, providing SENSE users with a single security solution for all of their devices. It uses F-Secure’s Security Cloud to secure internet traffic going in and out of homes, and lets people manage the security of their network and devices with a simple mobile app.

According to Konttinen, SENSE uses unique machine-based learning technology to proactively “sense” threats hidden within internet traffic. “SENSE is the first product we’ve built that brings the full security benefits of the cloud to consumers,” said Konttinen. “It goes beyond traditional device scanning by using artificial intelligence baked into our Security Cloud to anticipate problems before they hit you, because you’re already too late if you wait for criminals to get into your home. So SENSE is an entirely new, more holistic way for us to provide security – it protects your living space, not just your devices.”

SENSE was also designed to enhance the convenience of smart homes by making it simple for people to manage the security of their home network and connected devices. SENSE’s app makes everything connected to SENSE visible to users, and provides information about the security status of their network and devices – including instant notifications if SENSE finds a potential threat. The app also provides protection for devices that leave home, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Konttinen added that these security and convenience capabilities will become more valuable as people upgrade their homes to include more smart devices – a trend that’s becoming more common. Gartner projects that people will have over 500 internet-connected devices in their homes by 2022*, and a recent research survey by F-Secure found that people are purchasing smart TVs at the same rate as traditional desktops**.

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