Sir Tim Berners-Lee Proposes ‘Fix’ For NHS Data Problem

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Nov 10, 2020 08:10 am PST

The founder of the World Wide Web may have come up with an answer for one of the NHS’s biggest challenges: how to give people some control of their medical data while making sure it can be shared with all of the doctors and other healthcare workers who need it. For two years, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has been working on an idea called Solid, a web platform that allows users to store their data in what is called a Personal Online Data Store – or Pod, according to BBC News. Far from just being an academic project, the technology behind this platform is being developed by a company called Inrupt with some major venture capital backers. Now Inrupt and its chief technology officer Sir Tim have announced what he calls a major milestone – the release of its technology in the form of the Solid Server, with a handful of clients already piloting possible use cases. These include NatWest Bank, the BBC, the government of the Belgian region of Flanders – and the NHS. Sir Tim says Solid is “going to drive groundbreaking new opportunities that not only restore trust in data but also enhance our lives