SoftWatch Launches Its Application Analytic Solutions for the SMB Market Enabling the Move to Google Apps or Office 365

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Mar 18, 2015 05:10 pm PST

SoftWatch solutions to the SMB market are aimed to support smooth transition from MS Office to cloud based office and collaborations tools, optimize software license spending and optimize the usage of cloud storage and web conferencing services.

SoftWatch Technology, a leader in Applications Usage Analytic software, announced today it is offering its flagship solution to small and medium businesses through online sales. Currently SoftWatch is providing their analytics tool to the enterprise market directly and through Office 365 and Google Apps resellers, helping enterprises to make more informed decisions regarding the transition to cloud-based office and collaboration applications.

The SoftWatch software provides in-depth usage information on how businesses are actually utilizing desktop-based and web based applications as well as cloud storage and web conferencing. With the new website, any business with fewer than 500 end users can easily purchase and install the SoftWatch software. The site provides detailed information about the software and pricing details. In addition, SMBs can test the solution in their environment and complete the transaction. Over the past couple years, hundreds of enterprises enjoy SoftWatch solutions, enabling them to make informed decisions and effectively manage the transition to cloud based applications.

For SMBs that are moving to Google Apps for Work suite of services, SoftWatch offers the OptimizeIT Google solution to enable informed decisions based on actual usage information, manage the transition from MS Office to Google Apps and optimize their license spending. For SMBs that are moving to the Office 365 suite, SoftWatch offers SaaS solutions which include CloudIT 365 to enable the transition to Office 365 and the selection of optimal Microsoft price plans. . In addition, all customers can purchase the OptimizeIT Premium solution that supports ongoing optimization of the entire desktop applications portfolio and cloud based services.

“We are very pleased to introduce our analytics solution to the SMB market segment and make it easy for them to purchase and start using our software right from our website,” said Uri Arad, co-CEO of SoftWatch. “Our SoftWatch Benchmark now has 400,000 users and it is consistently showing that companies are overspending on MS licenses and can save substantially by transitioning to cloud-based alternatives. We believe that our solutions can help smaller companies to better manage their software assets and optimize their IT spending.”

Also from the SoftWatch website, enterprises with over 500 end users are provided with information about the solutions and can approach the company directly to continue the process. In addition, the site supports the recruitment of additional Office 365 resellers, Google Apps resellers and system integrators.

“We have invested considerable resources in the past year to provide our clients unique services with significant business value,” said Moshe Kozlovski, co-CEO of SoftWatch. “Now that we have direct access to the SMB market, we intend to further invest in adapting our services to fit the unique needs of this huge market segment. Our mission is to support all enterprises in making more informed decisions that are based on application usage information, allowing them to optimize their end user computing environment and substantially reduce their spending on software assets.”

About SoftWatch

SoftWatch is a leader in Application Usage analytics. With its SaaS solution, it enables enterprises to effectively manage the transition of business applications to the cloud, optimize their hybrid cloud environment and reduce software spending. The Israel-based company has patents pending for its software usage and user segmentation solutions. For more information, visit .

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