Spamhaus Botnet Threat Report ’17 Findings – Botnet C&C’s Up 37% In ’17

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jan 10, 2018 03:30 am PST

In response to the newly issued SpamhausBotnet Threat Report 2017 —  which details findings such as a 37% increase in botnet “C&C” listings in 2017, and that the majority (6,588 or 68%) of botnet controllers Spamhaus found in 2017 were hosted on servers by bad actors — Corero Network Security commented below.

Stephanie Weagle, Vice President of Marketing at Corero Network Security:

“The latest 2017 threat report from Spamhaus shows a notable uptick in detected Botnets, compared to 2016. The increase is no surprise, given he recent trend of leveraging poorly secured IoT devices, and is only set to increase given the increasing sophistication with which devices are being compromised and recruited.  Combined with new DDoS attack vectors and techniques, such as the recent appearance of so called pulse-wave attacks, the risk of being hit by a damaging attack for those not properly protected is higher than ever.”