How To Stop Google Tracking You And Your Kids

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 01, 2016 08:15 am PST

Following the news that Google has defeated a lawsuit from parents who claimed the search giant was illegally tracking the online activity of children,  Paul Bischoff, researcher at, commented below on how you can stop Google tracking you and your children.

Paul Bischoff, Researcher at

“A US Federal court this week struck down an appeal made by parents who accused Google of illegally tracking the online activity of their children. The unanimous decision states Google is not liable for planting cookies on computers used by children, which collect data used to send them targeted advertisements. Google won’t be forced to halt the practice, but concerned parents can still take proactive steps to prevent corporations from tracking and targeting their children.

“Free apps and browser extensions like Disconnect and Ghostery block tracking cookies. Ad blockers such as Ad Block Plus cut out most advertisements. Parents can also disable interest-based ads in their Google account settings, which stops the world’s largest online ad network from targeting their children. Families can even use alternative, privacy-focused search engines that don’t store and analyze every search query. Learn how to accomplish all of these anti-tracking measures here.”

I hope these comments are useful to you – if you’d like to speak with Paul or I can be of assistance in any other way then just let me know. Paul has also written a blog which goes into greater detail about how to maintain our privacy when using Google’s services, which can be found here.