The First Fully Secure Communications Platform

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Fully Secure Communications PlatformGovernment grade encryption technology ensures users’ email, voice and video calls, instant messaging will be totally private

Criptyque, the secure communications provider, announced the launch of Pryvate™, the first all-encompassing and fully encrypted communications platform for mobile devices. Pryvate secures communication services across email, voice calls, conference calls, video calls and instant messenger to protect consumers and businesses from cybercriminals, intruders, corporate espionage, hackers and more.

The Pryvate application provides triple-layered security powered by top-of-the-line 4096-bit encryption, with AES 256-bit key management and DH key exchange. It offers truly seamless independent, network agnostic security combined with high quality of service at a low cost.

Initially available on Apple and Google Play stores, the service provides security by generating unique encryption keys on the devices of both users who communicate via the application. Once a key is used, a new key is created for every subsequent interaction and auto renew for every call, IM, message, session etc. Pryvate has no access to users’ encryption keys past, present or future: making it impossible to leak, hack, collaborate or give away keys, which makes all communication through Pryvate totally secure and impervious to hacking.

Jonathan Parker-Bray, CEO and Founder of Pryvate, said: “We believe that everyone has the right to choose whether or not to keep their communications private and protect themselves from cybercrime and surveillance. In the face of the mass data hacking, theft, and surveillance taking place on an unprecedented scale by a myriad of sources, we are finally offering consumers and businesses a complete service that secures all of their digital communications through one easy to use application. Our customers can rest assured that nothing can pry into Pryvate.”

“It has been widely demonstrated time and time again recently that data hacking, theft and surveillance has been on the rise. Our aim is to help people understand the real risk of a potential breach that exists when they use their smartphones to communicate on a daily basis, and offer them a cost-effective solution to ensure their sensitive information remains private across their mobile devices.”

The Pryvate suite consists of three subscription products: Pryvate, a mobile app that offers secure communications, Pryvate Premium, which also includes added storage and account management functionality, and Pryvate Enterprise, which also adds desktop functionality and products. All three products default to the free-to-use Pryvate Lite, which offers users totally secure free phone calls of up to one minute.

Pryvate (for individual users):

  • Pryvate is an application downloadable from Apple App Store and Google Play that fully secures email, text messages,instant messenger, video calls and voice calls. All communications on the application are completely free between users of the Pryvate app wherever they are on the data network, lowering cost for international travellers and making it the most cost-effective service on the market
  • The application is easily and seamlessly installed and even works overseas
  • The Pryvate app is free to download, and all features can be used for free on a one-month trial basis. After this trial period, users can continue to enjoy totally secure calls for up to one minute through the app, but all other features will be disabled until they subscribe to the service (by defaulting to Pryvate Lite), or can upgrade and pay monthly or annual subscription fees to continue to enjoy the app’s full functionality

Pryvate Premium (for individual users who also want additional functionality):

  • In addition to the Pryvate benefits, Pryvate Premium provides secure, encrypted file storage to further protect companies from corporate espionage and cybercrime
  • Stores encrypted files locally for which the keys never reside on your mobile device
  • Pryvate Premium provides a graphical user interface to manage multiple accounts
  • It ensures employees can communicate internally in a secure, low cost manner while also providing confidentiality and privacy in protecting trade secrets, health, emotional, economical or other sensitive communications
  • All existing business infrastructure and policies are respected and unaffected by Pryvate Premium, so can continue to be utilised as normal

Pryvate Enterprise (for corporate usage):

  • Pryvate Enterprise bridges the gap between personal mobile encryption and corporate duty of care. A business desktop phone, with all of the expected features, can be used to communicate with Pryvate clients or even branch offices.
  • Pryvate Enterprise is a secure desktop IP video phone, which ensures that all voice and video calls remain totally private, with the familiarity of using a standard desk phone.
  • Installed on virtually any Internet-enabled network, the user can just plug in the preconfigured phone and it is ready to go, preventing eavesdropping on communications and internet access by third parties, providing authentication, encryption, perfect forward secrecy and deniability

About Pryvate

Pryvate is the only fully secure platform that allows all business and personal communications to remain private and free from hacking. Pryvate’s 4096-bit encryption and industry leading encrypted architecture ensures it is impossible to leak or hack into its users’ email, messages, video and voice calls.

The Pryvate platform consists of three products: Pryvate, Pryvate Premium and Pryvate Enterprise. Pryvate Consumer is a network agnostic app that provides totally secure communication services available across voice calls, conference calls, video calls, instant messenger and email at a low cost. Pryvate Business adds anti-blocking and secure file storage that provides companies with truly secure accounts for their employees. Pryvate Enterprise provides users with a secure IP desktop phone to ensure all voice and video calls remain private.

Pryvate was founded by CEO Jonathan Parker-Bray and is fully owned by Criptyque Limited, a privately held company incorporated in Jersey, placing it outside the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

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