The Impact of Cyber Security and Social Media on the Global HR Community

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 05, 2013 01:27 am PST

As the internet increases global trading opportunities for business, so it also leaves the door wide open for cyber criminals to exploit the systems of organisations across the world.

That includes yours. If you’ve been following the story of Bradley Manning – who passed US classified material to Wikileaks – and thinking that data leaks are a government problem, you’re very wrong.

Do you remember the case of the broker who incurred millions of pounds of losses for his investment bank employer by making unauthorised trades? You may have filed it in the ‘That’s the banks for you’ folder in your brain but it’s a perfect example of the dangers that lurk within the organisation. In other words, the employees.

The big problem is that cyber crime just isn’t being discussed enough within or outside the HR community. We Googled ‘top commercial challenges for global organisations’ and nothing on page one of the results so much as mentioned cyber crime. They covered sustainability, regulation, emerging technologies, economic recovery and pricing pressures, but nothing on data security. With such poor coverage, it’s no wonder that the subject isn’t on the HR radar.