Over Three in Five Use the Same Password Across Multiple Online Accounts

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Dec 10, 2014 05:02 pm PST

More than three in five people (63%) are putting themselves at risk online by using the same password across multiple accounts online, new research by managed services provider Redcentric has revealed.

As part of Redcentric’s ‘Security for Life’ campaign, a poll was commissioned to look into the public’s online security habits to highlight the importance of internet safety, especially considering recent high-profile data breaches such as the celebrity photo leaks and other global hacking scandals.

In addition to discovering that the majority of people repeat their passwords, the survey also found that 21% of people only change their password when prompted.

When it came to people’s opinions on the strength of their passwords, the data showed that 43% believe that their chosen codes will never be guessed by a hacker.

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Furthermore, a third of people’s passwords contain personal information, such as names, addresses and birthdays. 17% of people also admitted to storing their passwords on their computer or mobile phone.

The data suggests that age makes a difference when it comes to attitudes towards cyber security. 71% of respondents aged 65 and over said that online security is ‘very important’ to them, compared to just 27% of 18 to 24-year-olds who answered the same.

A spokesperson from Redcentric commented on the findings: “Online security is paramount in this day and age, especially as people are able to carry out more day-to-day tasks online such as shopping, banking and running businesses.

“There are obvious concerns when people are using the same passwords over different accounts, especially if those accounts hold personal or financial information. We recommend that you change your password every month or so depending on the kind of account it is rather than just doing it when prompted.”

For more information about effective cyber security, visit Redcentric’s Security for Life page.

The survey was conducted by The Leadership Factor with 1000 UK participants aged 18+ between 16th-18th September.

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