Touchnote App Customer Data Breach

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Nov 10, 2015 08:00 pm PST

BBC and others are reporting on Touchnote, a popular mobile app, that has informed its customers of a data breach. Security expert from Voltage, Mark Bower have the following comments on it.

[su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Mark Bower, Global Director of Product Management, Enterprise Data Security for HP Data Security :

“Securing customer data obtained by mobile apps is no different that securing other data – with the available technologies today to easily and quickly protect sensitive data, it’s a proven, reliable way to also protect customer trust and satisfaction. There’s simply no excuse today not to follow best practices of encrypting all sensitive personal and financial data as it enters a system, at rest, in use and in motion. The ability to render data useless if lost or stolen, through data-centric encryption, is an essential benefit to ensure data remains secure.

Cyber criminals today are motivated to steal enterprise data, intellectual property and employee or customer information. Hackers are always looking for a way to exploit a system in a way that they can then turn stolen data into cold, hard cash.  There is a definite risk if credit card information is obtained. However businesses need to also think about protecting personal information about their customers like name, full address, phone number and email address.  Criminals could then use this information to open bogus accounts or sell it for use in more targeted larger-scale spear-phishing or identity theft attacks.

Beyond the threat to sensitive data, companies need to be concerned with the impact such an event can have on their reputation and, ultimately, on their bottom line.  A data-centric approach to security is the industry-accepted cornerstone needed to allow companies to mitigate the risk and impact of cyberattacks and other attempts to get this information.”[/su_note][su_box title=”About HP Data Security” style=”noise” box_color=”#336588″]HP logoHP Data Security is a world leader in data-centric encryption and tokenization. HP Security Voltage provides trusted data security that scales to deliver cost-effective PCI compliance, scope reduction and secure analytics. HP Security Voltage solutions are used by leading enterprises worldwide, reducing risk and protecting brand while enabling business.[/su_box]

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