W3C Finalizes Web Authentication (WebAuthn) Standard

Following the news around  the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the organization behind all web standards, formally promoting the Web Authentication API to the title of official web standard, James Barclay, Senior R&D Engineer at Duo Security commented below. 

James Barclay, Senior R&D Engineer at Duo Security:

“The WebAuthn specification is a major and collaborative leap forward in the evolution of simpler, stronger user authentication. As pioneers in the authentication space, Duo Security knows that for security to be effective, it has to be easy. WebAuthn’s security and privacy protections, built-in phishing resistance and ease-of-use give it the potential to drive widespread adoption across enterprise and consumer markets, making everyone safer as a result. True passwordless authentication has been sought for a long time – today, we’re closer to realizing that goal with WebAuthn.” 


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