Will Mobile Devices Replace Passwords?

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jun 28, 2019 11:11 am PST

It has been reported that mobile devices could provide a more secure, user-friendly mode of account authentication, according to an IDG and MobileIron report. The report outlined the major frustrations IT professions have with passwords, as well as better solutions that could potentially replace them altogether. The rise in mobile business devices and apps may present a viable solution for authentication, the report found. The majority of respondents (85%) reported seeing an increase in the number of users needing access to business apps from mobile devices over the past year. More than 75% of respondents cited biometric authentication through mobile devices as the best option for password replacement. Because humans are so attached to their phones, 88% of security leaders said they believe that mobile devices  in the near future will serve as a digital ID for users accessing business data and apps.  

Robert Capps, vice president at NuData Security:

robert capps“This report shows that consumers are ready to move beyond passwords and usernames to more secure authentication methodologies. Passwords have long exceeded their useful life as a stand-alone security control, and as a result, the industry as a whole is embracing new methods to authenticate users and protect their identity. Evolving technologies such as physical biometrics are providing a more user-friendly experience while offering higher accuracy rates, but they add additional friction to the user experience.   

Using a multi-layered authentication framework that combines behavioral analytics with biometrics allows companies to verify users accurately without adding unnecessary friction and detect any unauthorised activity before it enters the environment. Multi-layered solutions that include these technologies analyse hundreds of data points throughout a session and create an evolving profile of a user across the sessions. Passive biometrics and behavioural analytics are technologies that can provide this level of monitoring without adding friction to legitimate users, thus creating more convenient experiences for users.”