Windows Server 2003 Migration An Imperative for Businesses

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Sep 09, 2014 05:02 pm PST

With all support for Windows Server 2003 slated to end 14th July 2015, companies must act swiftly to begin migrating to Sever 2012. Failing this, companies will be open to serious disruption and security risks, according to IT services provider and Microsoft GOLD partner ITC Infotech.

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Microsoft estimates that the average Windows Server migration will take over 200 days to complete. ITC Infotech has cautioned that many companies are unaware of the workload, let alone the deadline. Once support ends next year, there will be no further patches or security updates, exposing companies to major security and compliance issues.

Anand Sukumaran, Vice President – Managed Services at ITC Infotech, said: “It is crucial for anyone still on Windows Server 2003 to begin planning immediately. Without security updates or patches, all applications and services on Windows 2003 are a security risk. Businesses also face the threat of serious legal and compliance issues.

“Companies will find it difficult to support applications as developers and vendors bring out later versions which do not account for Windows 2003 compatibility. Companies will also risk falling behind competition as they miss out on the ability to leverage better hardware platforms using updated features offered by Windows 2012. This will pose a major disadvantage in scalability and capability planning.”

Executing a full server migration is a major undertaking for a company of any size, and businesses should conduct thorough readiness assessments to understand the requirements. Companies must account for new hardware and application upgrades as well as the potential drain on resources. Working with experienced migration service providers will not only help in avoiding operational disruption and downtime; it will also, and most importantly, help to ensure data is kept secure and protected.

While migrating to Windows Server 2012 can be a challenge, ITC Infotech believes that companies should view it as an opportunity for growth rather than a hurdle. Windows 2012 offers many advantages to enhance operational efficiency, including:

– Enterprise-class virtualisation scale & performance
– Cost effective backup and disaster recovery
– Simple and secure remote access (Direct Access)
– Low-cost, high-performance storage and de-duplication
– Powerful management and automation
– Simplified management

Anand Sukumaran adds: “The end of Windows 2003 is a great opportunity for enterprises looking at optimising and driving efficiencies. They should see it as the chance to tighten the slack that has crept in over the years and end sunset services and applications that are no longer required.
“At the same time, this opportunity will allow them to define strategies for the future. The migration should be taken as an opportunity to consolidate and virtualise by leveraging the scalability offered by Windows 2012. This is also an appropriate moment for enterprises to evaluate cloud strategies and look at service improvements and overall availability.”

ITC Infotech has deep expertise in implementing and managing Windows Server environments across various versions of Windows Server OS, including Windows Server 2012. With its solution accelerators for both data centre and end-user services transformation, ITC Infotech ensures a risk-free migration with no disruption to businesses.

About ITC Infotech

itc_infotechITC Infotech provides IT services and solutions to leading global customers. The company has carved a niche for itself by addressing customer challenges through innovative IT solutions.

ITC Infotech is focused on servicing the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance), Treasury & Capital Markets (TCM), CPG&R (Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail), Life Sciences, Manufacturing & Engineering Services, THT (Travel, Hospitality and Transportation) and Media & Entertainment industries.

ITC Infotech provides a comprehensive, proactive solution that enables a seamless, agile and fast migration to Windows Server 2012. Alongside migration, the company offers a range of solution frameworks and accelerators for a variety of technologies and platforms.

As a Microsoft GOLD partner, ITC Infotech possesses vast experience in the Microsoft suite of products, including assessment, consulting services, migration and support services and design and implementation services.

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