Wisegate Collections is the “Pinterest of IT”

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Nov 24, 2014 01:49 am PST

The Wisegate Knowledge System Grows with Curated, Topical Collections of IT’s Best Tips and Resources from Wisegate and Around the Web

Wisegate, the next-generation IT advisory service, today announced Wisegate Collections, a new capability available to all its members that takes a Pinterest-like approach to delivering IT content.  Senior IT professionals can now collect, organize, archive and share Wisegate knowledge and content, as well as resources from around the web, within curated collections, organized by IT projects and topics. As IT executives battle for actionable knowledge among IT information overload, the Wisegate Knowledge System and this new capability make it easier for IT professionals to find the resources they need, when they need them and from sources they trust.

“We live in a socially networked world today, with actionable knowledge all around us,” said Dan Dinhoble, co-founder and VP of product strategy for Wisegate. “We use social sharing tools like Yelp, YouTube, and Twitter to share experiences and knowledge, and it helps us learn and make better decisions in many areas of our life. Except in IT where we’re stuck in the past with old IT advisory models and inefficient peer sharing that still dominate how IT leaders get information.”

Wisegate is leading the charge to this next generation of IT advisory service by applying social sharing models to IT information. “Wisegate created Collections to let our members better leverage the experience and knowledge of their IT peers. Nothing like this exists in IT today,” said Wisegate CEO and co-founder Sara Gates.

Wisegate Collections allows Wisegate members to discover, collect and share content such as Wisegate research reports, peer-vetted policies, RFP’s and other tools, questions, polls, and other research from the Wisegate Knowledge System, as well as articles and resources from anywhere on the web, within well-organized, topic-based collections. Benefits to members include the ability to:

Bookmark relevant content for quick future access when they need it, such as when they are developing an RFP.

Personalize collections based on the unique needs of that member.

Create a central location for Wisegate actionable insights and outside resources on a relevant topic.

Share personal collections and as well as the latest news and threats with other members, adding to the value of the Wisegate Knowledge System and making IT as a whole smarter and better prepared.

The value of this new capability is making an immediate impact. Wisegate member Nikk Gilbert, CISO and IT security expert, needed to develop a new BYOD policy for his company. Rather than developing an entirely new policy from scratch, Gilbert started with a policy that one of his Wisegate peers shared in a BYOD Collection on Wisegate. “There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel if one of my peers has already created a successful, tried-and-true method. I saved around $50,000 in consultant fees and workload with the BYOD policy template I found in the Wisegate Knowledge System,” Gilbert said.

Wisegate’s Knowledge System is built on the on-demand sharing of first-hand knowledge straight from trusted, vetted IT peers with real-world experience and insight. All of this coupled with hands-on help and enhanced technical features like Collections works to combat the noise that distracts IT leaders from doing their best work. To find out how to become a Wisegate member, please visit: http://www.wisegateit.com/.

About Wisegate

At Wisegate, we’re passionate about unlocking the potential of the collective expertise of IT’s top professionals. We call it next generation IT advisory; our members call it a godsend. Through advanced matching and social technology, a trusted peer network and hands-on help, IT practitioners connect to share best practices and answer IT’s toughest questions, directly and without vendor influence. Wisegate curates these conversations into searchable content and formal reports as a service to its members, and often the outside world as well. See a list of our public reports and other wisdom unveiled here.

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