2019 CyberScout Global Insights Report Finds That Ransomware Continues to Be a Major Cyber Threat and Provides Tips For Business And Consumers To Guard Against Hacks And ID Theft

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 12, 2019 01:52 pm PST

From rising identity theft and fraud to large-scale enterprise breaches, the news in 2018 was full of cybersecurity nightmares. With cyber incidents now

commonplace, consumers have become fed up and are demanding business data privacy regulations. Governments have been responding with a wave of

new legislation.

In 2018, CyberScout received a record number of incident reports across growing business and consumer incident management services. We

observed that financial fraud and account takeovers were the two most active forms of cyber events for individuals. For businesses, ransomware

and phishing attacks remained the leading forms of attack, and non-targeted attacks are on the rise. The CyberScout Resolution Center employs a unique

resolution methodology to protect victims from further harm and affect meaningful resolutions.

Ransomware Continues to Menace Business 

For the past several years, the business world has watched the threat of ransomware rising. Unfortunately, businesses can expect to see the trend

continue this year. Ransomware has become an everyday situation for businesses of all sizes. It can be particularly devastating for smaller businesses

that may lack IT resources and effective cybersecurity processes and tools. 

Key Findings

  • 2019 CyberScout Global Insights Report summarized global data from 2018 to provide trends and analysis.
  • In 2018 CyberScout fielded 29,638 cases of cyber incidents.
  • Over 30% of the cases were internet-crime driven.
  • Nearly 70% of the incidents that we managed in 2018 were related to some kind of human error.
  • $6,905,771 was the total dollar amount involved in our fraud cases. 
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