4.5 Million Patient Records Accessed in CHS Hack

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 20, 2014 05:19 pm PST

Community Health Systems, which runs 206 hospitals in the USA, has disclosed that its IT systems were breached over a three-month period, resulting in hackers gaining unauthorised access to the names, addresses and social security numbers of 4.5 million patients in the US.

Lucas Zaichkowsky, Enterprise Defence Architect at digital forensics and cyber incident response company AccessData, has commented on the potential motivation of the attackers for stealing patient names and addresses, “The hackers could feasibly identify individuals of interest or those who work at organisations of interest and use their personal details to craft convincing spear phishing emails. Another possibility is to simply bolster their overall intelligence by having data rich details on 4.5 million individuals.”

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Commenting on the speculation that the CHS hack was carried out by Chinese state actors owing to similarities in the tactics employed as compared to those used in other attacks, Zaichkowsky said, “This is atypical for state-sponsored espionage. One possible motivation might be to gather intelligence on individuals which can be used in future cyber espionage campaigns. Chinese APT attack groups have been known to hoard interesting data while pursuing their intended objectives. It is well known in the intelligence community that healthcare is being heavily targeted by Chinese espionage efforts due to their large, aging population. Healthcare improvement is an objective in their current Five-Year Plan for economic development.”

Zaichkowsky continued, “HIPAA compliance certainly forces organisations to pay more attention to the secure handling of patient data. However, the likelihood of an organisation suffering a data breach is affected more strongly by what the active threat actors are pursuing. If an organisation has data that is sought after by a determined and skilled adversary, they have an extremely high likelihood of being breached, regardless of regulatory compliance requirements. Those organisations need to take security very seriously at the board level and allocate the resources necessary to mature their security operations to deal with real-world threats.”

By Lucas Zaichkowsky, Enterprise Defence Architect, AccessData

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