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Board And CISO Disconnect on Cybersecurity Preparedness 'Rings Alarm Bells'– Expert Comments
September 11 , 2023 by George McGregor
“It seems that the real issue here is the engagement of board members - only half the board membe...
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Duolingo Data Breach: 2.6 Million Users At Risk Of Targeted Phishing Attacks
August 24 , 2023 by George McGregor
“This unfortunately makes Duolingo look extremely negligent for a number of reasons    “Le...
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Cyber Threats Loom Over Major Sporting Events, Microsoft Study Reveals
August 07 , 2023 by George McGregor
“A key element are the apps which are launched for events (for example the FIFA Women's World Cup...
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Holiday DDoS Cyberattacks Can Hurt E-Commerce
November 30 , 2022 by George McGregor
Hackers are increasingly using mobile apps as the vehicle to execute these types of DDoS attacks, ei...
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Cyber Attacks Grew By 257% Year Over Year – Expert Comments
November 29 , 2022 by George McGregor
These statistics also show the need to give more attention to the mobile apps which are increasingly...
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Cybersecurity Costs - 54% Would Re-consider Place Of Employment After Cyberattack – Approov Comments
October 26 , 2022 by George McGregor
The consequences of breaches and security incidents do indeed run deep and the impact on employee mo...
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BOD 23-01 - Fed Civilian Agencies Must Report Network Vulns To CISA – Expert Comments
October 05 , 2022 by George McGregor
This initiative directly concerns network infrastructure and does mention mobile devices but only in...
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Google Play Store Serving Up Chameleon-like Apps
August 22 , 2022 by George McGregor
Google has so far been ineffective in attempts to prevent fake and malicious apps from being availab...
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Mobile App Data Found Exposing API’s & Data In 1,000’s Of Cloud Databases
March 18 , 2022 by George McGregor
This is yet another example of how easy it is to steal API credentials and use them in modified apps...
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Cybersecurity Experts React To DHS Launches Cyber Safety Review Board
February 07 , 2022 by George McGregor
We welcome this initiative. It will be important for the board to consider two major reports publish...
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F5 API Sprawl Rept. Finds Nine In 10 Enterprises Had An API Security Incident In 2020
November 05 , 2021 by George McGregor
The report does discuss the issue of \"secrets sprawl\", highlighting how secrets such as API keys a...
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API Keys Exposed - Millions Of Transaction Details At Risk, Experts Weigh In
September 21 , 2021 by George McGregor
APIs are great ways of using specialized third-party services while focusing on core business strate...
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Expert Comments - Travis CI Flaw Reveals *All* Keys, Credentials, And API Tokens, "Developers Furious"
September 17 , 2021 by George McGregor
It is well known that mobile apps themselves are a rich source of keys and secrets which can be used...
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Experts Perspectives On Verizon Mobile Sec Index: WFH The New Normal
April 08 , 2021 by George McGregor
An important point is this is not only about people using their own laptops or PCs to do their work...
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Clast82 Malware Dropper In 9 Utility Apps On Google Play Store
March 15 , 2021 by George McGregor
The malware’s ability to remain undetected demonstrates the importance of why a mobile security so...