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Exclusive Comments On Medibank Data Breach
October 28 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
The Medibank breach highlights the dangers of irreparable damage with the rising sophistication of n...
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Humana 3rd Party Data Breach Via Choice Health Supplier
September 30 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
A lack of control on part of the corporate security team along with growing dependence on public clo...
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Samsung Data Breach, Experts Inputs
September 07 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
The Samsung data breach disclosure comes on the heels of a highly visible Apple security vulnerabili...
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Finland To Offer Businesses Cybersec Vouchers In Wake Of Nato-related Attacks – 4 Experts Offer Perspective
September 01 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
It’s great to see a shift within news media towards meaningful news coverage of Finland’s progre...
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64% Of Businesses Suspect They’re Targets Of Nation-State Attacks- Expert Comments
August 29 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Nation state actors have the added advantage of sophisticated toolkits combined with well-coordinate...
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Password Manager With 25 Million Users Confirms Breach, Expert Weighs In
August 29 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
The LastPass incident is a disappointing continuation of many similar MFA breaches we have seen over...
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UK Water Suppliers Hacked But Hackers Extort Wrong Victim
August 17 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Utilities and other critical infrastructure industries that utilize ICS SCADA systems and IoT device...
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Over 8,000 Exposed VNC Ports - Major Threat To Critical Infrastructure 
August 16 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
As the Cyble report illustrates, critical infrastructure industries that utilize ICS SCADA systems a...
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Targeted Attacks On Industrial Enterprises And Public Institutions
August 09 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
The recent Kaspersky research report validates the need for allied nations to be bolstering military...
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Study Shows C-Suite Exec Personal Devices Almost Totally Exposed
June 22 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
The Black Cloak report presents some hard hitting and staggering datapoints on acute vulnerabilities...
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Why Fraud On Linkedin A ‘Significant Threat’ To Platform And Consumer
June 20 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
While LinkedIn is the preeminent business networking tool for professionals, buyers, sellers and mar...
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Why Smishing And Vishing Attempts Surged In 2021?
June 09 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Human factor:     “Supply chain attacks via software or hardware vendors as well as 3rd par...
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2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, Cyber Security Experts Reactions
May 25 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Supply chain becoming the #1 attack vector is evidence of the cyber industry’s overreliance on sin...
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EUS Car Giant General Motors Hit By Credential Stuffing Attack
May 25 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Exploiting password reuse for credential stuffing is a common attack vector for many data breaches a...
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NSA: NO Backdoors In New Encryption Standards – Expert Comments
May 18 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Yes, the way to achieve this is to transform a historic and theoretical combinatoric math problem in...
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Kaspersky: 9 Of 10 Orgs Previously Hit With Ransomware Would Pay If Targeted Again
May 16 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
The Kaspersky report validates that Ransomware protection should remain top of mind for IT and Secur...
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FBI, CISA, And NSA Warn Of Hackers Increasingly Targeting MSPs
May 12 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
MSPs are critical infrastructure as they support multiple end customers with private and public clou...
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PII Of 21M SuperVPN, GeckoVPN Users Leaked On Telegram
May 12 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
It is disappointing to see these types of data breaches and credential thefts which tarnish the repu...
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Lincoln College To Close Permanently After Cyberattack – 5 Cyber Experts Comment
May 12 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Education institutions are attractive targets for ransomware and other data breaches as they typical...
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31,000 FTSE 100 Logins Found On Dark Web
May 11 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Credential theft (Identifying the target) is the first step of the kill chain also known as the F2T2...
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MS Exchange Servers Found Deploying Hive Ransomware
April 22 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
While Microsoft Exchange and cloud hosted SaaS applications provide some encryption at the applicati...
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“JekyllBot:5” Allows Remote Hacking Of Hospital Robots 
April 13 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Medical IoT while incredibly valuable for patient care, can present soft targets that are appealing...
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Cyber Security Experts Insight On BORAT RAT
April 05 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
RATs and other trojans can be especially insidious as they can enable a broad range of attacks inclu...
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New UK Study Shows Just 1/3rd Of Orgs Use MFA Auth, Practice Cyber Compliance
April 01 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
MFA, while crucial for preventing credential theft and mitigating unauthorized access, can be met wi...
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CISA Alert - ICS Best Practices Against Known Russian Cyber Actors
March 28 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Nation state threat actors utilize very advanced toolkits to capture and break secure data flows. Th...
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FBI - Hackers Scanned 5 US Energy Firms, Expert Reaction.
March 23 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Critical Infrastructure and energy sectors are prime targets for Nation state threat actors. Nation...
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CISA Adds 15 Known Exploited Vulnerabilities, Expert Weighs In
March 18 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Unpatched or legacy VPN clients present a major attack vector for bad actors who can utilize these v...
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60% Of Mid-sized Indian Firms Faced 2021 Data Breach, Expert Reaction
March 15 , 2022 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Secure access across 3rd party partner connections is a significant challenge for most enterprises a...
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Booz Allen Report On CISOs And China Quantum Computing Risks, Expert Weighs In
November 25 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
The arms race to quantum computing ushers in a new era of competitive advantage and cyber risk. CISO...
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90% Of IT Execs Are Embracing SASE Migrations
November 18 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
SASE solutions along with CASB and ZTNA are gaining popularity as they offer better security and per...
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Zelle Scams Increasing For The Holidays
November 12 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
The payment industry-wide shift to online has resulted in the proliferation of P2P (Peer To Peer) an...
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Robinhood Data Breach - Expert Comments
November 09 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Financial services and e-commerce consumer accounts are a magnet for bad actors to exploit as they o...
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Ransomware Hits US Grain Supply Again – 5 Cyber Experts Comment
October 08 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Ransomware can be a devastating setback especially for manufacturing and distribution companies that...
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Attacker Releases Credentials FortiGate SSL VPN Devices, Experts Reaction
September 10 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
The recent Fortinet breach that has exposed over 22,500 sensitive corporate passwords spanning 74 co...
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WFH Is A Cybersecurity "Ticking Time Bomb", Expert Weighs In
September 10 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
There has been a 72% increase in ransomware attacks since COVID19 that corresponds to the dramatic i...
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Morgan Stanley Data Breach – Experts Reaction
July 09 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Over 50% of recent data breaches have been directly linked to 3rd party suppliers and vendors. While...
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House Intros H.R. 4055 American Cybersecurity Literacy Act
June 28 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Education is half the battle, and it’s great to see the NTIA launching a cyber literacy campaign....
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Mercedes-Benz Data Breach - Expert Comments
June 28 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Traditional customer databases present an enticing honeypot of Personally Identifiable Information (...
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Hackers Steal Wealth of Data from Game Giant EA
June 11 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Apart from the obvious Intellectual Property (IP) implications of such a data breach, there could be...
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Malware Stole 1.2TB Private Data From 3 Mil PCs
June 10 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
The abrupt shift to remote work due to COVID-19 during the past year also coincidentally corres...
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NY City Law Dept Computer Systems Hacked & Shut Down – Experts Comment
June 09 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
New York has one of the nation’s top IT and cyber security infrastructure and organization. This i...
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Bank Fraud Up 159% in Q1, Feedzai Reports – Expert Offers Perspective
June 04 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
The recent Feedzai report confirms several points regarding the industry’s hypotheses on financial...
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4.5 Million Passengers' Data Stolen In Air India Cyber Attack
May 25 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
While the exact cause of the SITA data breach is not yet known, it is clear that loyalty accounts, s...
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Expert Reacted on Research that Bizarro Banking Trojan Now Hitting Accts & Bitcoin Wallets
May 19 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
It’s time for financial services, insurance and other organizations to leave behind legacy and hom...
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TeaBot Android Bank Trojan Steals EU User Credentials
May 12 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
TeaBot and other Android-based trojans have the potential of stealing user credentials and wreaking...
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A Student Pirating Software Led To A Full-blown Ryuk Ransomware Attack
May 10 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
While there is no fail safe method for preventing user error, this is a great example of a costly an...
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44% of Orgs. Report Breaches Due to 3rd Parties, 74% Cite Privileged Access
May 05 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
Establishing and verifying trusted digital identity across 3rd party B2B relationships is especially...
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First Horizon Bank Accts Breached by "Unauthorized Party", Millions Removed
May 04 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
The First Horizon data breach is a stark reminder of the imminent dangers within the financial servi...
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77% of Q1 Ransomware Attacks Threaten Exfiltration – Experts Reaction
April 29 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
These findings highlight the growing danger of ransomware extortion as a key cybersecurity threat. ...
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Mount Locker Ransomware Thwarts Recovery, May Target Healthcare & Biotech
April 26 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
There has been a 72% increase in ransomware over the past year that can be correlated with the COVID...
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Data Security Expert Comment On Geico Admits Fraudsters Stole Customers’ Driver’s License Numbers For Months
April 21 , 2021 by Rajiv Pimplaskar
The customer data theft from Geico is a stark reminder of security bugs and vulnerabilities with typ...