Classified Ministry Of Defence Documents Found At Bus Stop

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jun 28, 2021 01:04 am PST


In light of the news this morning that classified MoD documents have been found at a bus stop in Kent, please find comment below from Industry leader on the importance of data security.

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Jon Fielding
Jon Fielding , Managing Director EMEA
June 28, 2021 9:05 am

<p>The discovery of classified Ministry of Defence documents at a bus stop in Kent is disturbing given the efforts that organisations now put into digitally storing and securing sensitive of this nature. We don’t know how the documents came to be there, but this should serve as another wake up call for the government to take the need to secure sensitive data more seriously.<u></u> <u></u></p>
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<p>The public and private sector are adapting to a new way of working that requires data to be transferred between the office and other, less secure environments. This can only be achieved safely by digitising documents which brings indisputable benefits when it comes to data encryption, transfer, storage, online/offline back-ups, and management.  <u></u> <u></u></p>
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<p>In order to control data once in electronic format, the implementation of sophisticated and robust end-point security is critical and the government should mandate and enforce the use of something as straightforward as an encrypted USB device for the secure transfer of sensitive data, thereby preventing access in the event it ends in the wrong hands or is found behind a bus stop.</p>

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