Technology in 2015 Will Need to Adapt to IT Consumerization

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Nov 03, 2014 05:04 pm PST

With the consumerisation of IT continuing to gather pace across businesses of all sizes, technology in 2015 will need adapt to keep up with this demanding trend. Here are my predictions for next year:

Omnichannel inside the business

After so much focus on consumer empowerment this past year, 2015 will see more businesses providing their internal teams with the alignment and tools they need to cope with an ever faster, more demanding customer.

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Customers are now connecting with their brands via a number of different platforms, which means that businesses will need to adopt a similar omnichannel approach for their own internal processes to ensure they are fully aligned with their customers’ expectations.

Social goes useful

We’ve seen social chat tools for the enterprise gaining traction in the US this year, and they are now spreading to the UK as well.

2015 will see the next evolution of these social chat tools with businesses integrating social business platforms alongside their other internal systems. Solutions like these will not only let employees ‘chat’ across an internal intranet, but they will also enable them to work together on projects at the same time online, thereby increasing collaboration and visibility for employees at all levels.

Everything in the cloud

With Google, Microsoft and now even Apple entering the cloud storage business, we won’t see a slow down in cloud-based working in 2015.

Trusting teams’ information in the cloud is swiftly becoming a viable and secure option for more and more businesses, with the benefits for those who made the move first already obvious. No hardware, no maintenance, just an SLA and unprecedented flexibility – this trend will continue to grow.

The beginning of the end for files

Phones and phablets already hate files; on mobile devices, files lock information behind unnecessary barriers, present information badly, and offer little opportunity to work on the move.

As mobile devices and consumerised IT increasingly become the norm for working life, we will see more and more need for IT to ‘Googlise’ the information in the business, providing open, searchable text, image, and video via suitable enterprise software that lets people get on with work instead of wading through the latest file versions.

By Tristan Rogers, CEO, Concrete

About Concrete

ConcreteConcrete helps global brands work faster and smarter.

One social business platform for all employees, Concrete provides a holistic solution to true enterprise collaboration, from global planning through to performance measurement. By crafting a suite of business processes essential to enterprise working, Concrete migrates working away from the desktop to an online collaboration environment, so joining teams and processes that were previously siloed. Joined up working can now deliver tangible business benefit, culminating in a better bottom line.

Concrete is used by many well known brands worldwide including Kate Spade New York, American Eagle Outfitters, Gap, M&S, Levi’s, Debenhams, Tesco F&F and Drayson Technologies.

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