Threat Intelligence Expert On Facebook News Regarding Cyber Espionage Activity Hitting Uyghurs

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Mar 25, 2021 03:57 am PST

Facebook has just announced cyber espionage activity hitting Uyghurs on the platform

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Ben Read
Ben Read , Director of Analysis
March 25, 2021 12:05 pm

<p>Today, Facebook named FireEye in a report regarding Chinese cyber espionage. FireEye uncovered an operation targeting the Uyghur community and other Chinese speakers through malicious mobile applications that were designed to collect extensive personal information from victims including GPS location, SMS, contacts lists, screenshots, audio and keystrokes. This operation has been active since at least 2019 and is designed for long term persistence on victim phones, enabling the operators to gather vast amounts of personal data. We believe this operation was conducted in support of the PRC government, which frequently targets the Uyghur minority through cyber espionage activity. On several occasions, the Chinese cyber espionage actors have leveraged mobile malware to target Uyghurs, Tibetans, Hong Kong democracy activists and others believed to be threats to the stability of the regime.</p>

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