Windows, Netflix Users Hit By Targeted Phishing Campaigns

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Mar 21, 2019 11:15 am PST

In response to reports from Windows Defender Security Intel that AmEx and NetFlix customers are being hit with well-crafted phishing campaigns to get their credit card information, an expert with Centripetal Networks offers thoughts. 

Colin Little, Senior Threat Analyst at Centripetal Networks: 

Phishing emails are one of the highest-risk intrusion methods to date. They are easy to craft, easy to deploy; they are aimed at our broadest, weakest attack surface: The endpoint, and its user. They are designed to make us afraid that if we don’t click on that link or open that attachment something bad will happen. Cyber criminals have been extremely successful at both designing the lure and monetizing their success, despite their re-use of techniques and themes such as threatening our Netflix accounts or suggesting something may be amiss with our credit or identity. Some contemporary security and awareness tips to keep in mind:   

First, there are many places in the phishing kill chain for our own security intelligence, tools and TTPs to keep these malicious emails away from our user. These tools are a strong Enterprise mitigation. 

Also, a security awareness program that trains users to how and why to identify phishing emails is both essential and fundamental. If our users are the broadest attack surface, their preparation for this attack is our best defense.   

And if you or your users are just not sure if an email is legitimate or not, address the potential issue in a separate dialogue.  Start a new email chain (such as to the Netflix help desk, in this example) using an address you obtain from the site.  Address the inquiry in a different media, such as calling their vendor support line. Or, the recipient can open the applicable app (if one’s available) on their smart phone if and check their credit or account status. 



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