Weary Eyes And Fictitious Faces: Why Fingerprints Are Best For Biometric Authentication

Biometric technology is already revolutionising both physical and cyber-security in the UK. While the latest breakthroughs are impressive, we’re only just touching the tip of the iceberg. Regardless of which method we’re using – whether it is fingerprint, facial, retinal or voice recognition solutions – there is no escaping the fact that biometric developments have been incorporated […]

Me, Myself And I: Protecting Consumer Identities

The sustained popularity of social media has meant that many of us are happy to make our online identity a digital reflection of our true selves. However, by putting every aspect of our lives online – from where we holiday to what we had for lunch, even our birthdays, which are often used as a […]

Fingerprint Biometrics As The Future Of Retail

The need for fingerprint biometrics in retail has never been more acute. While traditional high street sales continue to decline, leading to retail store vacancy rates hitting a four-year high, retailers acknowledge their survival lies in providing memorable, immersive and personalised customer experiences. Stand-out customer service, fuelled by customer data insights to help retailers deliver personalised and targeted customer relations, including top-level loyalty […]

The Role Of Biometrics In A Post-GDPR World

Lumidigm Technology

Cast your mind back to April last year. Your inbox filled with email marketing from services and newsletters you signed up to over the years asking you to re-subscribe to their mailing lists – and it’s likely you took the opportunity to unsubscribe to many. This was the first time the general population had been […]

Access Control — Why Fingerprints Are Better Than Keys

OPM Breach Reveals 5.6 Mil Fingerprints Stolen

Authentication is any process whereby an individual proves that they are who they claim to be, and in an increasingly digital world, authentication is the key to protecting both connected and unconnected assets. We need it to keep out bad people (black hat hackers, identity thieves) and let in good people (staff, customers, experts) — […]

What Are The Barriers To A Cashless UK?

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In many ways, the UK is progressing towards becoming a cashless society. Despite this, there is a range of barriers threatening to undermine the UK’s ability to fully embrace this transition. From a lack of trust in new technology to a sentimental connection to existing payment methods, these barriers must be both identified and overcome […]

Benefits Of A Cashless Society

1 in 3 employees will sell company data for cash

Our spending behaviour in the UK is certainly far different from what it once was. After all, how often do you now purchase goods and services using cash or coins? For many of us, physical currency is proving to be a thing of the past. In an age of rapidly increased digitalisation, our spending habits have followed a […]

Fingerprint Biometrics: The Key To Brand Differentiation

Traditional payment card issuers are under pressure. Once secure and established, they are now challenged on all sides. The digital transformation of our world lets small, audacious brands set up and trade with ease. With mere clicks they fill the screen of any smartphone or monitor, tempting consumers with innovative digital services. How can established […]

The Role Of Biometrics In Healthcare

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Biometrics can transform crucial aspects of healthcare, and in doing so protect people at their most vulnerable. Biometric authentication can drive up clinical standards, protect staff and patients, and combat fraud. When used in large-scale private and public healthcare systems such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, national or regional medical insurance programmes those benefits can be very substantial […]

Finger Authentication: The Answer To Cryptocurrency Crime

Cryptocurrency, commonly defined as digital assets that use cryptography to secure transactions without the need for a central banking authority, is rising in popularity and being widely adopted across the globe. According to research by the University of Cambridge, 3 million people are estimated to be actively trading in cryptocurrencies today, and many are already using […]