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5.4 Million Twitter Users' Stolen Data Leaked Online, More Shared Privately
November 29 , 2022 by Martin Jartelius
There are several things to learn from this – anomality detection where we see excessive and incre...
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European Parliament Suffered By Cyber Attack After Vote On Russia
November 24 , 2022 by Martin Jartelius
Given that the affected systems are critical for the functioning of the parliament as a part of its...
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New Australia Task Force Will “Hack The Hackers, Cyber Security Expert Reaction
November 15 , 2022 by Martin Jartelius
The lesson learned from this is rather straight forward – If your systems can be damaged beyond re...
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Dropbox Says It Has Been Breached By Hackers, Experts Reactions
November 02 , 2022 by Martin Jartelius
Phishing continues to grow in popularity amongst hackers as other security measures improve while it...
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New Twitter Blue Tick Phishing Attack Duping & Confusing Users
November 02 , 2022 by Martin Jartelius
This will be the same for every main occurrence, be it a new conflict, feature, product, service or...
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OpenSSL Recent Vulnerability, What Experts Say?
November 02 , 2022 by Martin Jartelius
Inform your internal team and developers about the vulnerability announcement and forth-coming secu...
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Optus Data Breach Announced, Experts Weigh In
September 23 , 2022 by Martin Jartelius
The data that is indicated by preliminary sources point to the kind of information useful in frauds...
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Rockstar Confirm Data Leak, GTA Footage Stolen
September 21 , 2022 by Martin Jartelius
Given that the gaming industry is now worth over $300 billion, it is a lucrative target for maliciou...
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French Hospital Hit By $10M Ransomware Attack, Sends Patients Elsewhere
August 25 , 2022 by Martin Jartelius
Risk reduction is either achieved via reduction of probability or impact, acceptance of the risk or...
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Python Packages Discovered On The PyPI Repository
August 10 , 2022 by Martin Jartelius
This is recurring problem, we have seen both incidents based on this form or typosquatting attacks...
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Russian Hacker Group Says Cyber Attacks Continue On Lithuania
June 29 , 2022 by Martin Jartelius
It’s DDOS attacks, the groups are essentially pushing websites and services offline using large vo...
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VW Fired Senior Employee After They Raised Cyber Security Concerns
January 24 , 2022 by Martin Jartelius
If a member of a team believes something is a risk, it’s important to investigate and escalate acc...
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Red Cross Hack Leaks Data Of 515,000 Vulnerable People
January 20 , 2022 by Martin Jartelius
Generally it would be hard for a third party to identify the correlation between a data store and it...
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Expert Commentary: Organizations Under Increasing Threat from DNS Attacks
October 26 , 2021 by Martin Jartelius
The problem here is that “DNS Attacks” are so extremely vaguely defined, and other terms are als...
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Neiman Marcus Customer Data Breach - Expert Comments
October 04 , 2021 by Martin Jartelius
While a shallow glance at this makes it look like yet another personal data breach, this one is a bi...
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Spanish King Suffers PHI Leak In Latest Data Breach
July 09 , 2021 by Martin Jartelius
Fortunately the GDPR is a modern law and blind to the fact if the victim may be a king or a peasant,...
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Experts Insight On Carnival Cruises Recent Data Breach
June 18 , 2021 by Martin Jartelius
It is great that the company noticed the incident and could reach out to their affected customers an...