Cybersecurity As A Strategic Initiative For The Board Of Directors

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Nov 01, 2017 01:30 am PST

Cybersecurity has dynamically evolved into a complex, ongoing threat for any company if they value their business. Cybersecurity should take center stage as a  strategic issue for companies, employees and customers. Additionally, no one company or person is immune to the latest threats online. Those who sit on the board themselves are high value targets for phishing emails and ransomware along with the rest of employees. Michael Patterson, CEO at Plixer commented below.

Michael Patterson, CEO at Plixer:

 “The board room must not only support a sustained employee training program, they must also sponsor a strategic transition in the way people, process and technology are used to reduce risk. For decades organizations have focused all their efforts on trying to prevent security breaches. In today’s threat landscape this strategy has left organizations vulnerable. Due to growing attack vectors and the sophistication of cyber criminals, breaches are inevitable. Organizations must invest in incident response, with teams dedicated to technologies like network traffic analytics delivering historical forensic data. When inevitable breaches occur, effective incident response allows rapid root cause analysis and a rapid return to normal. A successful transition from a focus only on prevention to one of incident response will require board level sponsorship.”

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