Irish Revenue, Bank of Ireland and DHL Scams Detected

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | May 03, 2015 05:05 pm PST

ESET Ireland has detected increased online activity targeting Irish email addresses with phishing scams, using the names of Irish tax and Customs, Bank of Ireland and DHL.

In the recent weeks cybersecurity experts at ESET Ireland have been tracking several persistent phishing scams. The first appears to come from Irish Tax and Customs and claims the receiver is entitled to a €351.23 tax refund. A link is attached that takes the victim to a faked Revenue website, which asks for a credit/debit card details where they are to receive the refund.


The second claims to come from the Bank of Ireland, inviting victims to take part in an “online survey” and offering a reward of €226, which is to be transferred to their 365 account, once the victim has given the scammers all the details of it.

The last one pretends to be from DHL and claims a package was rejected due to a faulty address and asks the victim to go to a forged DHL website which asks them to “log in” with their email and password, effectively stealing their login credentials and enabling cybercriminals to “hack” their email or DHL account.


ESET Ireland warns Irish computer users not to click on any links, nor open any attachments in such fraudulent emails to avoid having their money stolen and to refrain from replying to the scammers as that just validates their email addresses to them.

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