PwC Report APT10 Global Attack

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Apr 06, 2017 09:25 am PST

Following the news about PwC report APT10 global attack, Greg Sim, CEO at Glasswall Solutions commented below.

Greg Sim, CEO at Glasswall Solutions:

greg-sim“The APT10 Operation Cloud Hopper attack revealed in a report by PwC UK and BAE Systems exposes the utter sham of so-called anti-virus defences.

The anti-virus companies touting these failed solutions already knew of the malware employed by APT10 yet have proved totally inadequate in protecting managed service providers from it, no matter where on the globe the attack happened.

Glasswall has consistently warned against the method used in these attacks – the deployment of “malicious attachments” in spear-phishing emails. What better example can there be that organisations are leaving themselves wide open to attack by relying on anti-virus defences that are incapable of detecting the lethal threats inside either the content or structures of common file types used in these attacks.

When the anti-virus companies admit that they can only protect against 95 per cent of known malware, all businesses and organisations must adopt innovative file-regeneration technology that keeps out 100 per cent of all malicious exploits in file attachments. Documents have a design standard against which all attachments can be measured in milliseconds, ensuring only the authentic and known good are permitted inside an organisation. The alternative is yet more disasters such as Operation Cloud Hopper.”

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