ZERO Tolerence to Phishing and Malware

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Mar 01, 2016 09:00 pm PST

Email phishing and malware attacks are issues that plague today’s organisations, regardless of size, revenue, location or industry. Such attacks can cripple even the most well-established and high-grossing businesses, and even result in their downfall. Fraudulent cyber attacks are detrimental to revenue, to customers’ and employees’ safety, and to a brand’s reputation as a trusted organisation.

To solve this issue for businesses, Cyber Security Partners (CSP), a subsidiary of Marketing Source, has recently launched a new real-time, data-driven, cyber threat detection platform called Zero.

The launch of Zero means that users now have unrivalled protection from email phishing and malware. The platform offers a level of protection not previously available, almost entirely eliminating the possibility of fraudsters imitating a company via email, and putting customer trust and loyalty at risk. Zero requires no complex integration with existing IT systems and perhaps most importantly, no engagement from consumers, allowing for slick and easy adoption.

How does it work?

Using specially designed software, Zero analyses millions of emails sent to and from the major ISPs around the globe, identifying phishing attacks in real-time, and crucially before they can cause any damage. Once an illegitimate email has been identified, Zero uses the DMARC standard to quarantine the message, preventing fraudulent emails from reaching the recipient’s inbox. Zero’s advanced forensic platform then quickly displays the information required to interrogate mail sources, gather evidence, and take immediate follow up action .

Alongside the prevention of phishing attacks at source, one of the most powerful functions of the Zero platform is its ability to provide users with the information necessary to trace, pinpoint and ultimately neutralise cyber criminals that threaten their business, regardless of their global location.

Detailed forensic reports enable users to view scam emails and fake sites as they would appear to customers, allowing them to take the necessary action. By providing an understanding of the data that hackers are trying to harvest, Zero also equips companies with the information needed to implement additional security measures.

While much of the focus on phishing prevention is aimed at consumer education, we firmly believe that the onus must be on businesses to prevent phishing attacks on their customers. With the technology now available in the war on hackers and fraudsters, telling consumers not to click on an email is as ineffective a weapon as throwing a stone at a tank.

[su_box title=”About Cyber Security Partners” style=”noise” box_color=”#336588″]Cyber Security PartnersCyber Security Partners (CSP) is a trading group of Marketing Source Ltd; a multi-award-winning integrated marketing services company and UK leader in its field. CSP is a cyber security expert which has developed ‘Zero’, a real-time, data-driven cyber threat detection platform that combines expertise in cyber security and phishing with technology to offer companies absolute protection from the threats of email phishing and malware.[/su_box]

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