Hacker posts Facebook bug report on Zuckerberg’s wall

A Palestinian information system expert says he was forced to post a bug report on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page after the social network’s security team failed to recognize that a critical vulnerability he found allows anyone to post on someone’s wall.

Google argues UK privacy laws do not apply to it

The company is facing a landmark group legal action by Britons angry over the way it circumvented settings on the iPhone to track their web usage. Google has already been fined a record $22.5m (£14.4m) by authorities in the United States over the practice.

Big Data

The technology industry is booming, in fact, worldwide IT spending is forecast to surpass $3.7 trillion in 2013 , and one sector driving this exponential growth is big data.

A Short History on Hacking

By the year 2020 It has been estimated that the average household will have 50 objects connected to the internet.