Android Trojans gain botnet distribution, new code

A dangerous Trojan that targets Google’s Android mobile operating system has gained new nefarious capabilities even as a new banking malware takes aim at the OS, according to security researchers.

Syrian Hackers Boost The Israeli Economy

The growing number of Internet based attacks by a group of Syrian hackers, calling themselves the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has created a growing demand for Israeli Internet security products and services.

Twitter Just Became a SOX App

Twitter Logo

Last Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported on the SEC’s ruling that Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are appropriate and legal disclosure channels, as long as the company acknowledges which sites they will use for disclosure.

Protect yourself and don’t regret using social media

Those who have ruined their reputations and damaged their careers after posting inappropriate material on social networks include politicians, movie and sports stars as well as teachers, police officers and even fast food restaurant employees.