1 out of 7 IT staffers are now contractors

This tidbit just in from the researchers at Computer Economics: 15% of the IT staffs at large organizations consists of contractors, versus regular salaried employees. This continues a trend that arose last year, part of a four-fold increase in the past two years.

Legal Fears Put Mobile Backups In Spotlight

A decade ago, almost no one used online backup services to store their data in the cloud. Yet, as smartphones become ubiquitous, the need to synchronize data among multiple devices has boosted the use of cloud backups

Japan needs 80,000 EXTRA info-security bods to stay safe

Japan has an 80,000 shortfall in infosec professionals, and needs to provide extra training for more than half of those currently in the industry, if it’s to protect key IT systems from attack, according to the government.

7 characteristics of a secure mobile app

When it comes to building secure mobile applications, errors most often occur in session management. By themselves, these mistakes do not present a significant risk, but the more mistakes made, the more vulnerable the application.