Security experts comment on massive US Govt. data breach

US Gov data breach

Security industry experts are beginning to react to today’s news of the massive data breach at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Here are some initial comments – Mark Bower, Global Director – Product Management, HP Security Voltage ( “Theft of personal and demographic data allows one of the most effective secondary attacks to be […]

Independent Study Reveals Incident Response Perception Gap Among EU Companies

Incident Response Perception Gap Among EU Companies

86 percent of businesses feel they’re prepared for a breach – yet nearly 40 percent have no response plan A new study by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) uncovers a notable gap in Incident Response(IR) preparedness among EU companies. The majority of respondents – 86 percent – feel they’re prepared to face a cyber attack, yet […]

“Hacking the Un-Hackable, Cyber Scandals in Big Tech”

Hacking the Un-Hackable

2014 was a year of high profile cloud breaches that were examples of aggressive data driven strategic cyber crime. These include the eBay hack in March, which affected 145 million eBay customers and the hacking of high profile Hollywood celebrities Apple iCloud accounts in September.   By Dave Cummins Managing Director of Speechpath About Speechpath Speechpath […]

Zero knowledge Stops Hackers in their Tracks

Zero knowledge stops hackers in their tracks

ESET research reveals malicious app performs click fraud on unsecured Android devices. Knowledge is power to the hacker. Every day they are being equipped for their next attack, as users are trusting organisations with their personal information online. High profile security breaches are constantly in the news, due to the world’s biggest companies facing new […]

Exploiting to Securing: The Role of DNS in Business

role of dns in business

How businesses can defend their network from APTs that exploit DNS No company was too big, and no sector of industry went untouched by the effects of malware and APT breaches in 2014. And with high profile breaches grabbing headlines, including those at JP Morgan and Community Health, few could have missed their significant consequences […]

A Third of us Admit to ‘Password Rage’

A third of us admit to Password rage

Frustrated password users driven to crying, screaming, banging their head on the desk and swearing A third (33 per cent) of us admit to suffering from ‘password rage’ with many of us driven to crying, screaming and swearing. This is according to a snapshot poll taken by Centrify, a leader in unifying identity management, at Infosec Europe […]

Delivers Knockout Blow to App Hackers

Delivers Knockout Blow to App Hackers

Only Security Product that Knows Where Apps are Weak and Deploys Adaptive Defenses Instantly Contrast Security today announced Contrast Enterprise, the first application security product to integrate defenses across development and operations, unifying vulnerability assessment, security visibility and attack protection throughout the application lifecycle. Now organizations can quickly assess and secure the enormous number of new, […]

Google Announces Android Pay at Google I/O

security comments on android pay

You may have heard the news that Google has announced a new payments system at I/O, Android Pay. Android Pay will work exactly like Google Wallet, where you simply tap your smartphone to any NFC terminal in order to pay your bill. Below is a comment from Cindy Provin, VP Global Strategy at Thales e-Security […]