No Gain without Pain? How to be Agile without Pulling a Muscle

How to be agile without pulling a muscle

Like watching a yoga expert balance on their head, being agile might look simple to the untrained eye. However, if you try to achieve that move gracefully for the first time, without the necessary preparation, you are sure to fall flat on your face. There are certainly a few IT professionals that have suffered this […]

The Use of Drones and Its Implications on Privacy

The Use of Drones

By definition, drones are unmanned aerial vehicles. A drone can be controlled remotely by an operator or installed with an automated function. While their popularity in the civilian population has soared only recently, drones have been around for decades. In fact, one of the earliest drones was used by the U.S. in Vietnam. Currently, the […]

Why I have to Update my WordPress?

Why I have to update my Wordpress?

The WordPress is a CMS specialized in blogging that is widely used in the world. It happens because it has one of the most easier installation processes and also has various types of plugins and themes (for free and payable) that allows the full personalization of the appearance and functionality of the web pages. The […]

Security Intelligence Dashboard Bolsters Enterprise Visibility into Threats and Vulnerabilities

Enterprise Visibility into Threats and Vulnerabilities

Enhancements to the TrustKeeper Managed Security Services Portal Benefits Everyone from the CISO to Local IT Managers across Distributed Enterprises Trustwave® today announced a major enhancement to the company’s managed security services portal designed to give distributed, complex enterprises more actionable threat intelligence so they can better detect and protect themselves from security incidents, vulnerabilities […]

Continues To Grow Faster than the Security Software Market

Grow Faster than the Security Software Market

Chosen strategy ranked the maker of award-winning ESET NOD32® technology in top5 of IT security vendors in the consumer security software and endpoint protection platform market based on 2014 total market share revenue Worldwide. ESET, global pioneer in proactive protection for more than two decades, announces that its growth outpaces the worldwide security software market, […]