Windows Patches can be Intercepted and Injected with Malware

Window Patches Injected with Malware

Lane Thames, Security Research and Software Development Engineer at Tripwire says encryption was the key to this attack scenario and it could pose a big problem for corporations. Lane Thames, Security Research and Software Development Engineer at Tripwire : “Man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks are very dangerous. Often, MiTM attacks require the attacker to reside on the same network in […]

A New Type of Attack called “Man in the Cloud”

A new type of attack called Man in the Cloud has been identified. It relies on common file synchronization services such as GoogleDrive and Dropbox. Imperva says that without using any exploits, they show how simple re-configuration of these services can turn them into a not-easily detectable attack tool. Security expert Tim Erlin gives his thoughts […]

Secure Passwords for the 21st Century Cloud

Strong passwords follow simple rules: mix characters and punctuation, use alternate combinations from site to site, don’t share with others, etc. However, while these guidelines act as a proper foundation, they’re increasingly inadequate as technology advances. In many instances, a strong password is no longer enough. This trend applies in particular to the growing field […]

Disclosing Script Injection Vulnerability in Salesforce

Vulnerability in Salesforce

Elastica, the leader in Data Science Powered™ Cloud Application Security, today released details about an injection vulnerability disclosed to Salesforce in early July which opened the door for attackers to use a trusted Salesforce application as a platform to conduct phishing attacks to steal end-users’ login credentials and hijack accounts. On August 10, Salesforce patched […]

Offering Worldwide : An Insight Into Hacking

An insight into hacking

With the recent hack of online affair website Ashley Maddison, cyber-crime is in the spotlight. However, it’s been an issue plaguing both companies and users for many years and one that shows no signs of halting. Thanks to the increased fame of ‘hacktivists’ like the group Anonymous, who use hacking as a social justice tool, […]

Joining HP’s European Cloud28+ Initiative

European Cloud28+ initiative

Intralinks® Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: IL), a leading, global SaaS provider of secure enterprise content collaboration solutions, announced it has joined HP’s Cloud28+ initiative, a unified catalogue of cloud services that brings together European cloud providers, builders, and developers. Built on HP Helion OpenStack® technology, Cloud28+ includes services and local cloud providers in more than 28 […]

5 Ways to Create a Culture of Security

Create a Culture of Security

In big and small companies alike, security issues are often seen as bureaucratic red tape. In reality, security is a never-ending journey. For example, when Ford’s Model T hit the market in the early 1900s, it didn’t come with seat belts. These now-ubiquitous safety features didn’t become commonplace in all cars until the 1950s. And […]