New Xindi ad Botnet Hitting Major Enterprises, Universities

New Xindi ad Botnet

Cyber security expert Branden Spikes with Spikes Security (he’s the former tech lead of SpaceX, Tesla and Paypal) responds to today reports of a new ad fraud botnet now turned loose on enterprises and universities, which exploits the Amnesia bug in the Open RBT 2.3 protocol. [su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Branden Spikes, CEO, CTO and Founder Notes […]

Personal Information Hacked at Online Takeaway Service

Personal Information Hacked at Online Takeaway Service

A Belfast man fears he has had his personal information compromised by a data breach at online takeaway service Just Eat. A number of people registered to the site have received a scam email that is not from the company, yet still includes their personal details. This email asks customers to fill out a survey, […]

47% of Companies Breached in Last 2 Years

47% of Companies Breached

The Ponemon Institute surveyed 692 IT and IT security professionals and found that 47% of the participants said their companies were breached in the past two years. The survey also revealed that 65% of respondents believe threat intelligence could have prevented or minimized the impact of a breach. Respondents also said they used free sources […]

Cyber-Related Corporate Liability is Top of Mind for Boards and Executives

Liability is Top of Mind for Boards and Executives

9 Out of 10 Respondents Believe Regulators Should Hold Businesses Liable if They Don’t Make Reasonable Efforts to Secure Data Veracode, a leader in protecting enterprises from today’s pervasive Web and mobile application threats, today issued findings from a joint NYSE Governance Services/Veracode survey of 276 board members revealing how cybersecurity-related corporate liability is being […]

Scores 100% for Second Straight Year in AV-Test Self-Protection

AV-Test Self-Protection

In the latest AV-Test Self-Protection of Antivirus Software test ESET has repeated its success from last year and scored 100% with ESET Smart Security, being the only solution in its category to reach that score for a second time. Most of the malware now targets the IT security solution in order to disable it. Using […]

Cyber-Crime and Hacking is Becoming Bolder

Cyber-Crime and Hacking is Becoming Bolder

Any mention of hacking these days and most people will shudder at the thought. According to Kaspersky Lab 2015 Cyber Crime Predictions, the short-range prediction is that cyber-crime is getting worse. Hacking has been very dominant in the news of late, as soon as the public’s attention is diverted from one hacking/cyber-crime story another is […]