From Information to Intelligence: Making Cyber Analytics Actionable

John Smith, principal solution architect at Veracode, calls on vendors to ensure that companies can derive actionable intelligence from cyber analytics solutions. The number and complexity of cyber threats are constantly evolving. And traditional automated solutions, whether simple vulnerability scanning programmes or anti-virus solutions, are increasingly challenged by the new threats. Companies are now looking […]

Maintaining Privacy in the IoT Era

Advances in technology have paved the way for an entirely new era of communication between people and machines. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the embodiment of this. What once felt like the stuff of science fiction is rapidly becoming the norm. It’s no longer difficult to imagine our smartphone talking to our kettle as […]

Whistling in the Dark: How Secure is your Midsize Enterprise Business?

How Secure is your Midsize Enterprise Business?

It is high noon. The one (and only) security analyst for a midsize business, needs to prepare for a PCI compliance audit. Meanwhile, a phishing email baits an account payable clerk at a regional office to access a malicious site and his workstation is infected with a financial Trojan. At closing that day, $500,000 from […]

The 2015 Top Ten Global Hacks

The 2015 Top Ten Global Hacks

SMS PASSCODE’s Pick of This Year’s Most High Profile Data Breaches If you’re an analyst who predicted that cyber attacks would go through the roof this year, 2015 has not been a disappointment. True to industry predictions, more security breaches through hacking have hit the headlines than ever before. Whether the target is a massive corporation […]

IT Specialists’ 2016 Predictions: Three key Areas for Growth

IT Specialists' 2016 Predictions

Recently there has been an upward trend in the usage of managed service providers (MSPs). Up until the present, MSPs have mostly been contracted to help with technical and equipment issues. ITS believes that there are three areas where MSPs will start to grow and become more popular. These predictions reflect trends that are already […]

Another Huge Security Flaws in Software

Another Huge Security Flaws in Software

Certain Lenovo computers can be hijacked by malicious websites because of security flaws in software that comes preinstalled from the factory. Tim Erlin, director of security and product management at Tripwire have the following comments on it. [su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Tim Erlin, Director of Security and Product Management at Tripwire : “We’ve blurred the line between hardware […]

The Rise and Fall of Global Telecom Fraud

The Rise and Fall of Global Telecom Fraud

The Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) has announced the results of its Global Telecom Fraud Survey, reporting an 18% decrease in communication fraud since 2013. CFCA attributes this increase in collaboration and coordination among carriers in identifying and stopping fraudulent activity following the 2013 report, but Angela German, Director of Marketing of VoipSec calls for […]

16 Companies from Around the Globe have Exposed Credit Card Data

Exposed Credit Card Data

Customers’ credit card information, passport data, purchase data and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) was being sent unencrypted from smartphones when users are purchasing items from major brands’ mobile websites and apps. Companies identified include easyJet*, Chiltern Railways, Aer Lingus, AirAsia, Air Canada** and 11 other companies, ranging from taxi firms (KV Cars in the […]

Tips for keeping Safe While Online Shopping

Safe While Online Shopping

Tripwire security researchers offer practical cybersecurity advice for consumers Cyber Monday is the heaviest online shopping day in the United States, with last year’s sales exceeding $2 billion within 24 hours. Unfortunately, for bargain-hungry consumers, the holiday shopping season is a bonanza for cyber criminals. “The holiday season is the perfect time for attackers to […]