Simply Ways to Deal with Network Security when Accessing Mobile Internet

Network Security

“A few cyber security tips and ways to be alert, helping you great deal in tackling safe and secured Internet, if something suspicious takes place online.” The images you see in daily lives on your smartphone, is just the single most representation of large amounts of data present in the mobile arena. Mobile devices carry […]

Virtualisation Continues to be key Trend for 2016

Virtualisation Continues to be key Trend for 2016

The trend of moving from physical to virtual servers is likely to continue into 2016, according to Greg McCulloch, CEO of colocation data centre provider, Aegis Data. McCulloch also suggests that higher power consumption and the desire for a smaller physical footprint are driving the increase in server virtualisation: “The increase in power demands and […]

Mobile Banking Threats among the Top Ten Malicious Financial Programs

Mobile Banking Threats

The Kaspersky Security Bulletin Overall Statistics Report for 2015 highlights a new trend: for the first time ever, mobile financial threats rank among the top ten malicious programs designed to steal money. Two families of mobile banking Trojans – Faketoken and Marcher – were included in 2015’s top ten banking Trojans. Another remarkable and alarming […]

Why do CISOs only Stay with you for 18 Months?

Why do CISOs only Stay with you for 18 Months?

Are you an IT security specialist dreaming about being something more? Does your career have a ceiling? What is a CISO? In the past, businesses were run by a small senior management team headed up by a managing director who reported to a president or board of directors. In addition, there were line managers who […]

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. But a laptop was open, the network logged on, and unfortunately for its owner, his security had gone. Unbeknownst to our user, and all others that care, this laptop had malware it wanted to share. It flew […]

6 Ways to Maintain Business Continuity during Disasters

Business Continuity during Disasters

Record breaking rainfall and strong winds characterise Storm Desmond. The storm has led to the suspension of hundreds of rail services, flooding, power cuts and landslides across the country. During such as major incident, IT teams will be under pressure to ensure that businesses continue to service clients and function at full capacity. Datto, a […]