Millions at Risk from Android Flaw Dubbed the New Stagefright

Android alware

Millions of Android users are at risk from another ‘Stagefright’ security flaw. Researchers claim it gives hackers the ability to inject malware that could copy, steal and delete data on the device, take over the smartphone’s microphone and camera for spying purposes and even track a user’s movements via GPS. Here to comment on this news is Chris Eng,  Vice President […]

Security Expert Views on AMEX breach

John Gunn, VP of Communications, VASCO Data Security: “Interesting notice from AMEX. So what are their customers supposed to do now, go back and scan every transaction on the past two years of statements?  AMEX is a more attractive target for hackers because the average purchase is about 50% higher than Visa and MC, so […]

Millions Menaced as Ransomware-Smuggling Ads Pollute Top Websites


According to a story as seen in The Register millions of people are being affected by popular US online publishers who are serving up adverts that attempt to install ransomware and other malware on victims’ PCs.  With ransomware on the increase, what can companies do to protect themselves from these type of cyber attacks? Here to comment […]

Amazon Plans Selfie Authentication

Amazon authentication

Following the news Amazon has applied for a patent to offer selfies as a method of customer authentication, Here to comment on this news is David Emm,  Kaspersky Lab Principal Security Researcher. David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab: “I like the idea of using facial recognition to confirm someone’s identity. And the idea of […]

Steam Stealer Malware Targets Thousands of Gamer Accounts


Steam Stealer malware is suspected of hijacking 77,000 Steam gaming accounts per month. The malware has been observed in the wild almost 1,200 times and is being sold for £20, much cheaper than the average malware package. Here to comment on this news is Mark James, security specialist from ESET. Mark James, Security Specialist at IT […]

Automated vulnerability scanning beats manual testing?

Web Vulnerability Scanner

Research by NCC Group has indicated that automated vulnerability scanners are turning up mostly false positive results, but may still be preferred by organisations due to being cheaper than manual testing processes – a view that Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge and chief architect of ImmuniWeb web security platform, shares but warns against: ” […]

New Survey Reveals lack of Security Automation Exposes Enterprises to Cyberattacks and Outages

Huge demand for security automation driven by the growing number and sophistication of cyber threats, business transformation initiatives, and security change management AlgoSec, the market leader for Security Policy Management, today announced the results of its “State of Automation in Security” survey. The survey revealed that 83% of organizations want the use of automation to […]

Steam Stealers Target Thousands of Gamer Accounts

In an industry worth over an estimated hundred billion US dollars, gaming is not just big business for developers and manufacturers, but for cybercriminals too. Steam Stealer is a constantly evolving breed of malware that is responsible for hijacking the user accounts of the popular gaming platform, Steam. The malware’s goal is to steal online […]

Chinese Hackers Favour Ransomware

Bad-themed crypto ransomware

Following the recent discovery that Chinese hackers are now moving to ransomware by hijacking machines and demanding payment to decrypt them, here to comment on this news is Chris Carlson, VP of product management at security company Hexis Cyber Solutions on what enterprises can do to identify and isolate these attacks. Chris Carlson, VP of product management, Hexis Cyber Solutions: […]

Protecting the Sky with Drone Detection Systems

The Use of Drones

Gone are the days when companies only had to worry about valuable documents leaving the building in a pocket or briefcase. Today, sensitive and proprietary information can move across networks in digital format – and even be plucked out of these networks from the sky. The need for intrusion detection has expanded beyond the front […]