Expert Comments on AceDeceiver – Apple malware

In light of the news that Palo Alto Networks have identified new iPhone malware, here to comment on this news is Guillaume Ross, Senior Security Consultant, Strategic Services, Rapid7. Guillaume Ross, Senior Security Consultant, Strategic Services, Rapid7: If you need anything further please do get in touch? “AceDeceiver, as identified by Palo Alto Networks, is […]

Adele Photos Hacked – Comments

A hacker has gained access to Adele’s personal photos and released them, including a pregnancy scan of her son. The hacker reportedly accessed the photos through her partner’s email. Here to comment on this news is security experts from Lieberman Software, ESET, AlienVault, MIRACL and Tripwire. Jonathan Sander, VP of Product Strategy at Lieberman Software: “What’s interesting about this breach […]

Cyber Fraud Leaps by 26%


Financial Fraud Action UK released figures which found that fraudsters stole £755m from British consumers and financial institutions during 2015 – a 26% increase on the year before. The figures reported that remote banking fraud saw the biggest growth, leaping by 72% last year, with more than £168m being stolen from unsuspecting victims.Here to comment on […]

Expert Opinion on Get Safe Online Ticketing Fraud Report

There is 55% increase in online fraud in 2015 because of social media postings according to new research conducted by Get Safe Online. Here to commnet on this news is John Grimm, Director at Thales e-Security. John Grimm, Director at Thales e-Security: “Unfortunately, as e-tickets become more common, so does the risk of fraud. Without proper […]

Protecting against Stagefright’s encore

Israeli software researchers have found a way to exploit Android’s Stagefright vulnerability, previously found to leave millions of devices susceptible to cyber attacks. Stagefright was originally described as ‘the worst Android bug ever discovered’, however the exploit – dubbed ‘Metaphor’ by its creators – marks the first time the vulnerability has been compromised in the […]

Rise of Mobile Malware


Check Point has revealed the most common malware families being used to attack organizations’ networks and mobile devices globally in February 2016.   For the first time, malware targeting mobiles was one of the top 10 most prevalent attack types, with the previously-unknown HummingBad agent being the seventh most common malware detected targeting corporate networks and […]