DarkHotel: Give Us All Your Data and Enjoy Your Stay

Notes from the Battlefield: Cybercriminals vs. Business Travelers and How to Keep Your Data Safe It used to be that a business trip was just a business trip, complete with pay-per-view TV in bed, tiny bottles of shampoo and room service for anyone feeling extravagant.  Yet in today’s era of global business travel, mobile devices, […]

Badlock Vulnerability

Under the Hood Look at LogJam

The kerfuffle over naming of vulnerabilities like Badlock and ShellShock misses the mark on why this is a good thing for the industry. Given the sheer volume and scale of the application security problem companies face today, anything that draws attention to the seriousness of the state we’re in is a good thing. I’d argue […]

Human Factor Leaving Firms Vulnerable to Social Engineering Attacks

Businesses are facing substantial risks to their finances and data as cyber criminals use information from social media and company websites to target employees in sensitive roles, according to new research. The new “social engineering” threats are posed by criminals who combine digital skills with traditional kinds of deception such as pretext phone calls. In […]

Expert Comments on MedStar Health Ransomware Incident

MedStar Health and Ransomware

MedStar Health, the largest healthcare provider in Maryland and Washington, D.C., was forced to disable its network after an alleged ransomware attack infected several systems. Here to comment on this news is Wolfgang Kandek, CTO,  Qualys. Wolfgang Kandek, CTO,  Qualys: Ransomware is quickly becoming a significant threat to the availability of the IT infrastructure of […]