GitHub Suffers Major Outage – Expert Comment

Code-sharing site GitHub has suffered a major service outage, but the cause is still unknown. Security expert Travis Smith commented below. Travis Smith, Senior Security Research Engineer at Tripwire comments:  “While a drop in service such as this may be attributed to an operational malfunction internally at GitHub, it can’t be ruled out that this […]

Risky Business: Do You Fit the Mobile Security Victim Profile?

mobile security

Malware continues to become a growing and increasingly costly risk to mobile users today, with one in every 30 mobile browsing transactions, and one in every seven mobile app sessions proving to be potentially harmful. In fact, roughly 5.9 percent of subscribers encounter a risky website every day and are transmitted through URLs and mobile […]

Field Service Management Mistakes You Need to Avoid

According to a Service Max survey, 75 per cent of people typically call out a field service technician because the product has broken, not for maintenance purposes. What this means for field service professionals is that when a customer calls, they’re likely needing a rapid fix. That’s why the first-time fix rate is the holy […]

Mattel Targeted by ‘well-crafted’ Phishing Scam

The Register reported that Mattel had been hit by a ‘well-crafted’ phishing scam that almost cost the company $3m. Here to comment on this news is Richard Beck, Head of Cyber Security at QA, which you are welcome to use. Richard Beck, Head of Cyber Security at QA: “This attack is a prime example of how […]

Ginormous POST Flood Spells BIG Trouble for Hybrid DDoS Protection

DDoS on the Move

To work on the Incapsula team at Imperva is to be exposed to DDoS attacks all of the time. From watching 100 Gbps assaults making waves on computer screens around the office, to having our inboxes bombarded with reports of mitigated assaults, DDoS is just another part of our awesome daily routine. Yet, every once […]

A Guide for Businesses on the EU Data Protection Reform

In advance of the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), bringing stricter EU data protection rules, now’s the perfect time to familiarise yourself with how to ensure that your business stays within the regulations. The below is a brief outline, but you’ll find more detailed information along with examples of good – and […]