Microsoft Bans Simple Passwords

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Following the huge debacle related to the LinkedIn data breach that came to light last week, Microsoft’s Identity Protection team has decided to ban the usage of common or simple passwordsthat may be easy to guess or have already appeared in breach lists. Security Experts from Lieberman Software and MIRACL discuss whether this is a good […]

Physical Security at Data Centres Must Not Be Neglected

With cyber security expected to top $101 billion by 2018, the tendency for data centre managers to focus on updating cyber security practices is understandable, especially as technology and threats are ever changing. Moving the focus to cyber security should not be done at the expense of physical security, says colocation provider, according to Greg […]

It’s not Just the Pentagon that’s Run on Retro Technology

News has surfaced that the US nuclear weapons force in the Pentagon is still relying on 1970s technology, including floppy disks and an IBM Series-1 computer. A spokesperson from the Pentagon said that the floppy drives are scheduled to be replaced in 2017 and that the reason the whole system had not been replaced sooner was […]

Spike in Locky Attacks Hits UK

ESET LiveGrid® telemetry shows a spike in detections of the JS/Danger.ScriptAttachment malware in several European countries. The most notable detection ratios are seen in Luxembourg (67%), Czech Republic (60%), Austria (57%), Netherlands (54%) and the United Kingdom (51%), but also in other European states. After delivery of an email attachment is opened, the threat behind these […]

China Launching First-Ever Quantum Comms Satellite to Protect Data

China will soon launch the world’s first quantum communication satellite in space, when the rocket takes off in July. The satellite is specifically developed to help securely send and receive data by achieving quantum communication between space and earth. Dwayne Melancon, CTO and VP, Research & Development at Tripwire discusses whether this is a good […]

Expert Comments on US military uses 8-inch Floppy Disks to Coordinate Nuclear Force Operations

In light of the revelation that the US military uses 8-inch floppy disks to coordinate nuclear force operations, Cris Thomas, Strategist at Tenable Network Security commented below. Cris Thomas, Strategist at Tenable Network Security: The IBM  Series-1 that they are using is most likely completely airgaped as I don’t think they ever developed networking for that machine. The machines are […]

Banks To Force Customers To Foot the Bill For Fraud On Their Accounts

Banks could block customers from claiming money back if they are a victim of fraud and it is found they had substandard online security. Following this news, IT security experts from Lieberman Software, ESET, Imperva and AlienVault discuss whether this is a good idea. Jonathan Sander, VP of Product Strategy at Lieberman Software: Banks, just like […]