Security And Speed Top Barriers to a Truly Connected Workforce

Nearly One in Five Employees Consider Their Storage Inadequate for Collaborative Working A survey conducted by Nexsan™, a global leader in unified storage solutions, at Cloud Expo in London last month, revealed that data security and download speeds were the top two barriers to a truly connected workforce. The survey reveals that 98% of users need to […]

Government Research Points To Prevalence Of Cyber Security Breaches; M-Files Recommends Protecting Against Both External And Internal Threats

The proliferation of cyber threats against UK enterprises has resulted in the British government demanding organisations do more to protect their corporate network and the data that sits within it. While the majority of cyber attacks originate from the outside, Julian Cook, Director of UK Business at M-Files Corporation, a provider of enterprise information management (EIM) […]

You’re Twice As Likely To Get A Call From A Scammer Than Your Best Friend

2.5 million UK households received a scam call in the last month Nearly half of Brits admit they wouldn’t be able to spot a scam TalkTalk partners with Get Safe Online to launch nationwide ‘Beat the Scammers’ campaign Telephone and internet scams across the UK have reached an all-time high, with Britons now more likely […]

Phishing Hits New 12-Year High, Indicates ‘Alarming Trend’

In its newest Phishing Activity Trends Report, the APWG noted a 250% increase in phishing sites between October 2015 and March 2016 — and the 2016 uptick indicates an alarming trend. Wombat CEO Joe Ferrara commented on this report below. Joe Ferrara, President and CEO at Wombat Security Technologies: Spam filters, blacklists, firewalls, and other technical […]