EU Referendum Petition Hijacked By Bots

Following the news about an online petition calling for a second EU referendum has been hijacked by automated bots adding false signatures. The House of Commons petitions committee said it had removed 77,000 signatures and was investigating. Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault commented below. Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault: “Bots come in various […]

Phishing Attacks Hurt Convenience Of Online Banking In The Workplace

One of the most common ways people become a target for fraud is through phishing – falling victim to fraudulent emails posing as legitimate sources. With mobile banking now a staple of smartphone use and paperless banking being touted by financial institutions, confidential financial data has never been more vulnerable, for both banks, businesses and consumers alike. […]

Vulnerability In The Google Chrome Browser

Following the news that security researchers have discovered vulnerability in the Google Chrome browser that could allow users to bypass its copy protection system and download content from streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.  Craig Young, Security Researcher at Tripwire commented below. Craig Young, Security Researcher at Tripwire: “This could be a […]

Security Service Chaining 101

One of the biggest challenges in information security is adapting to change. While you might say this is true in any profession, allow me to explain why it is particularly true in infosec. Security must be adaptable both on a macro level, as with changes to compliance standards like PCI. However, security must also be […]

Oculus Rift Apps Are Once Again Running On The HTC

Oculus Rift apps are once again running on the HTC Vive but we do not think that this will save the Vive or HTC as the road for its VR hardware is pointing to commoditisation. Richard Windsor From Edison Investment Research commented below.  Richard Windsor, Analyst at Edison Investment Research:  “Oculus Rift apps are once again running on the HTC Vive but we do not think […]

Managing Mobility In The Enterprise Must Have Consideration

Mobile devices are ruling the world. Whether they are being used for consumer or business purposes, we will continue to reach new records over the coming years. According to June 2016 figures from IDC, global shipments are expected to reach 1.84 billion in 2020. With the dependency and plethora of technology devices available, managing mobility […]

Impact On UK Data Protection

There are a raft of things that are now up in the air following the Brexit vote last week. One of the most pressing talking points for businesses is the issue of EU regulations, which may fall away following the Brexit. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) falls squarely into this bracket. To highlight the […]