All TalkTalk And No Action

It seems staggering that a technology provider like TalkTalk should resort to ignorance as it’s line of defence and yet that’s just what the company did when faced with the results of the investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office.  The company ‘did not know’ the vulnerable web pages subjected to at least three separate SQL […]

Facing Reality – How SMBs Can Use Cloud To Overcome Their IT Security Nightmares

Cloud Security

The average IT security budget for an SMB currently exceeds 18 per cent of the business’s annual IT spending and continues to grow.  The reasons for this are not hard to find. Growing IT complexity and maintenance costs are leading the trend. 42 per cent of SMBs see complexity of IT infrastructure as the main reason to grow […]

Early Observations In Latest NSA Contractor Arrest

Following the news about NSA Contractor Arrest, István Szabó Product Manager of syslog-ng/SSB at Balabit commented below. István Szabó, Product Manager of Syslog-ng/SSB at Balabit: “While very few details are available about the case of another NSA contractor stealing confidential information, based on the information available thus far, there are some observations that can be […]