Cyber Attack Takes Liberia’s Entire Internet Down

Cyber attacks

A cyber attack has knocked Liberia’s internet offline, as hackers targeted the nation’s infrastructure using the same method that shut down hundreds of the world’s most popular websites at the end of last month. The attack, which is the same used to shut off sites including Netflix, eBay and Reddit, fuels fears that cyber criminals are practicing ways to sabotage […]

Over 90% Of Employees Admit To Violating Policies Designed To Prevent Breaches And Non Compliance

Same Password

New research from US tech consultancy company CEB, says that employees pose a bigger threat than hackers even though companies are increasing technology investments to protect against external data breaches. IT security experts from Synopsys and Tripwire commented below. Mike Ahmadi, Global Director – Critical Systems Security at Synopsys: “I do not find it surprising that employees violate data breach […]

MySQL, Other Server Vulnerability/Hack Hole (Google, FB, Twitter, eBay, Cisco, Amazon, Netflix Among Users Possibly Affected)

Following the news that a dangerous vulnerability is found in MySQL, MariaDB, and Percona’s Server and XtraDB Cluster which when chained allow attackers in shared environments complete compromise of servers, Bert Rankin, Lastline CMO commented below. Bert Rankin, CMO at Lastline: “This is a good reminder that along with deploying the key cyber security tools such as […]

Study Finds 90% Of Employees Bypass Security

Employees Resign

Following the new research findings from tech consultancy firm CEB, which note that 90+% of employees violate breach prevention policies, IT security experts from Synopsys Software Integrity Group and  Balabit commented below. Mike Ahmadi, CISSP,  Global Director – Critical Systems Security at Synopsys Software Integrity Group: “I do not find it surprising that employees violate data breach policies, because I have indeed […]

IoT Security: How To Reduce The Risk Of Another Dyn DDoS Attack

Portmap Attacks

The internet has been recovering from high profile DDoS attacks on Friday that took down Dyn (the DNS provider to Reddit, Spotify, SoundCloud and a multitude of other sites). In the media, the blame for this attack has been firmly placed on IoT devices and as a supplier of connectivity to IoT and M2M devices, we are […]