Why Your Organization Requires Endpoint Threat Detection And Response

Endpoint Threat Detection and Response

Endpoint threat detection and response capabilities are now an essential component of any enterprise security solution. The tipping point that led to the evolution of endpoint security and the move away from pure blacklisting and signature-based technology was the series of large and high-profile attacks in the recent past involving top brands such as Target, […]

Barclays Smartphone Cash

Barclays are trialling smartphone cash withdrawals that allow customers to make withdrawals via their smartphones, speeding up the process and also minimising the risk of card details being hijacked by a skimming machine. Anil Gandharve, Associate Vice President at Mindtree commented below. Anil Gandharve, Associate Vice President at Mindtree: “It’s positive to see that Barclays is trialling cash […]

Top 500 Cybersecurity Companies

Preparing Security Standards for Consumer Routers

Cybersecurity Ventures has published the Q4 2016 edition of the Cybersecurity 500, a global compilation of leading companies who provide cybersecurity solutions and services. The entire list can be seen at http://www.cybersecurity500.com Worldwide spending on cybersecurity products and services is forecast to eclipse $1 trillion for the five-year period from 2017 to 2021,according to the Cybersecurity […]

3 Million Android Phones Have Built-In Security Flaw

Almost three million Android phones are vulnerable to code-execution attacks that remotely seize full control of the devices, researchers said. Until recently, the flaw could have been exploited by anyone who took the time to obtain two Internet domains that remained unregistered despite being hardwired into the firmware that introduced the vulnerability. IT security experts […]

Goodbye Privacy – Snooper’s Charter Passed Into Law

Failing Grade on Data-Privacy Rights

The House of Lords has passed the Investigatory Powers Bill, putting the huge spying powers on their way to becoming law within weeks. The bill forces internet companies to keep records on their users for up to a year, and allows the Government to force companies to hack into or break things they’ve sold so they […]

Breaking Through At AppSecUSA 2016

Recently, I attended AppSecUSA, which was held in Washington, DC from October 11th through the 14th. I last attended AppSecUSA in 2013 in New York City, and was fortunate enough to participate in Web Application Defenders’ training led by Ryan Barnett. Each year, the talks and training improve dramatically for OWASP’s biggest meeting here in […]