New IoT Security, Privacy Guidelines (BITAG – Google,Verizon, Comcast, TimeWarner, etc.)

Internet of Things (IoT) car from being hijacked

New recommendations for IoT security, interoperability and policy were just issued by the Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group (BITAG), which was founded in 2010 by Google, Intel, Microsoft, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and other tech industry giants. Specific guidelines address security & cryptography best practices; restrictive vs. permissive communication; disruption and cloud back-end failure continuity requirements; […]

US Poll Results Possibly Rigged

Following the news that a group of renowned computer scientists and lawyers have urged HillaryClinton to challenge the election results in three key states after they gathered “evidence” to suggest the election results were potentially manipulated, Cris Thomas, strategist at Tenable Network Security commented below. Cris Thomas, Strategist at Tenable Network Security: “The recent allegations of voting […]

How Retailers Can Create A Cybersecurity-Aware Environment

Last year, more than 40 million retail records were lost or stolen. And the recent Beyond the Phish Report revealed users in the retail industry incorrectly answered nearly 40% of questions about properly securing and disposing of sensitive data. Retailers have placed an increased focus on securing customer records and reducing breach incidents following major industry breaches […]

Hackers Can Turn Headphones Into A Microphone And Listen In

Researchers have been able to turn headphones into a microphone to unknowingly eavesdrop in background. Researcher designed a code called ‘Speake(a)r, which ‘retasks’ a computer’s outputs to inputs – allowing them to record audio even when the headphones were in the output-only jack.  Craig Young, Security Researcher at Tripwire commented below. Craig Young, Security Researcher at Tripwire: “It […]

Deliveroo Customers Accounts Hacked

Deliveroo customers have been the victim of a hack using stolen passwords from previous breaches. This is indicative of the “domino effect”, where cybercriminals are leveraging breaches from one organisation to gain access to the next and so on. IT security experts from SailPoint, ESET, Netskope, Ping Identity, AlienVault, Lieberman Software, NSFOCUS and Kaspersky Lab commented […]

How Scammers Can Access Your Bank Account

FDIC-ensured bank accounts typically cover up to $250,000, so you probably feel like your money is secure within these banking institutions. However, a single hacker can drain your bank account and leave you with a serious headache as you piece your financial life back together. If you understand the current schemes and hacks these digital […]

Locky Ransomware Via Facebook

Following the news that spammers are using Facebook instant messaging to spread Locky ransomware, Dr Malcolm Murphy, Technology Director, Western Europe at Infoblox commented below. Dr Malcolm Murphy, Technology Director, Western Europe at Infoblox: “Ransomware has certainly been a dominating trend in cyber in 2016, with the Infoblox DNS Threat Index reporting a 3,500 per cent increase in domains that […]