Ex-Expedia Employee Pleads Guilty To Data Theft And Insider Trading

Following the news that a former Expedia IT support employee has plead guilty to using his position to access confidential data and facilitate insider trading, Rui Melo Biscaia, Director of Product Management at Watchful Software commented below. Rui Melo Biscaia, Director of Product Management at Watchful Software: “This case demonstrates how much damage malicious insiders […]

Charter Savings Bank Hit By Computer Theft

Following the news that Charter Savings Bank notified customers of potential data theft by a burglary targeting office computers, Dr Bernard Parsons, Co-founder and CEO at Becrypt commented below.  Dr Bernard Parsons, Co-Founder and CEO at Becrypt:  “The recently revealed theft of computers at Charter Savings Bank demonstrates the importance of including endpoint devices in […]

New Botnet Launching Daily Massive DDoS Attacks

CloudFlare has warned of another massive botnet that appears to be ramping up and targeting the US West Coast. The emerging botnet is not related to Mirai, but it is capable of enormous distributed denial-of-service attacks. Sean Newman, Director at Corero Network Security commented below. Sean Newman, Director at Corero Network Security: “Cyber attackers are well known […]

Amazon Account Hacking

Amazon authentication

In a new blog post Dima Bekerman, security researcher at Imperva, explains how easily his Amazon account was broken into, likely as a result of him using similar passwords in different accounts—an annoying but common attack. However, what he originally thought was a run-of-the-mill account breach turned into a story about perpetrators using registration bots […]

The Rise And Rise Of SIP-Based Cyber Attacks

Following the recent report from IBM’s security intelligence group about the rise of cyber-attacks on VoIP Session Initiation Protocol, Angela German, Director of Marketing at VoipSec, commented below. Angela German, Director of Marketing at VoipSec:  “The rise and rise of SIP-based Cyber Attacks Cyber-attacks using the VoIP protocol Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) have been growing in 2016, accounting for […]

AVG TuneUp’s New Deep Sleep Mode Tackles Slow PCs

PCI's mandatory pen testing

Are you tired of your sluggish PC? The new release of AVG TuneUp now comes with a complete reboot of its patented ‘Programs-On-Demand’ technology. It puts unused programs into a smart sleep mode that reduces their draining impact on PC performance, battery life, network and storage to nearly zero. The update also includes a revamped […]

PGI To Set Up UK-APAC Centre Of Security Excellence In Malaysia

Yasmin Mahmood, CEO of the Malaysian Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC), and Barry Roche, CEO of Protection Group International (PGI), today signed an agreement to collaborate to strengthen and develop cybersecurity capacity in Malaysia, and to work together to develop a cybersecurity academy in Malaysia. The collaboration was signed in the presence of UK and MDEC representatives, as […]