Top-Level Security Insight: Kaspersky Lab’s Acclaimed Interactive Protection Simulation Training Goes Online

Detection Deficit in Data Security

Kaspersky Lab announces the availability of its Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation Online training (KIPS Online). KIPS Online is a valuable addition to previously available and highly regarded KIPS Live offline cybersecurity training. Both Live and Online versions offer actionable security intelligence training for top-level business executives around the world. Not your average monopoly-style game KIPS […]

Firewall Efficacy Increased When Deployed With A Firewall Management Tool, FireMon Study Finds

Host-based or Network-based Firewalls

59% of Organizations That Use Firewall Auditing and Configuration Tools Have Seen Fewer Breaches and 65% Have Increased Productivity LONDON. FireMon, the leader in Network Security Policy Management (NSPM), has released a commissioned study entitled Automate Zero Trust Policy and Enforcement conducted by independent, research-based consultancy, Forrester Consulting. The study illustrates the many benefits of using a […]

Tesla Employee Stealing Data From Company Computers

Tesla employee, pulling “hundreds of gigabytes” of proprietary data from company computers, and installing it on a personal hard drive. Sándor Bálint, security lead for applied data science at Balabit commented below. Sándor Bálint, Security Lead for Applied Data Science at Balabit: “When talking about privileged access, most people immediately think of system administrators possessing low level access […]