2.5 MILLION PlayStation And Xbox User Details Leaked

Two popular gaming forums have been hacked leaking the details 2.5 million accounts globally. The hack breached forums ‘XBOX360 ISO’ and ‘PSP ISO’ in 2015 but details of the leak are only just coming to light. IT security experts from Lieberman Software, ESET, AlienVault, NuData Security, Prevalent, VASCO Data Security and Lastline commented below. Jonathan […]

Saudi Authorities Warn Of Shamoon 2 Cyberattack

Following recent cyberattacks on Sadara and Saudi Arabia’s labor ministry and human resources development fund, the country’s Computer Emergency Response Team has warned of the re-emergence of the Shamoon ransomware virus that partially wiped or destroyed 35,000 computers in 2012 – the most damaging cyberattack in history. Hitesh Sheth, CEO at Vectra Networks commented below. Hitesh Sheth, CEO at  Vectra Networks: “The […]

Irregular Application Testing Leaves NHS Trusts Vulnerable To Cyberattackers

New research reveals nearly half of trusts only scan internal apps once-a-year for security related defects  London, UK. Veracode, a leader in protecting enterprises from today’s pervasive web and mobile application threats, has released new research revealing nearly half (45%) of NHS trusts scan for application vulnerabilities just once a year, with less only 8% doing […]

Half Of The Web Now Encrypted

Mozilla has announced that over half of web traffic is now encrypted, for the first time. As this is some landmark for internet security – it shows that user privacy can now be expected as standard. Kevin Bocek, VP Security Strategy and Threat Intelligence at Venafi commented below. Kevin Bocek, VP Security Strategy and Threat Intelligence at Venafi: “Since […]

What Lies Ahead? Top Security Trends For 2017

Cybercrime is typically driven by three main factors: Criminal profit incentives ($, £, €, bounty, rewards, fame, etc.) Malice or political incentives Geopolitics or espionage opportunities. And to achieve these aims, cybercriminals undertake a range of different scams and attacks on UK enterprises.  So what are the typical attacks that form the threat landscape for […]

Veracode On WordPress Vulnerability Patching

Following the news that the WordPress has patched three security flaws – including an SQL injection problem, Paul Farrington, Manager, EMEA Solution Architects at Veracode commented below. Paul Farrington, Manager, EMEA Solution Architects at Veracode: “It is absolutely imperative that all users of WordPress 4.7.2 upgrade immediately to the new version. Despite having been around for […]

Netgear Home Routers Vulnerable To Hackers

Researchers have discovered that 31 models of the Netgear home router contain critical flaws that make them vulnerable to hackers. These latest vulnerabilities come only months after “Command Injection” based flaws were found in Netgear devices last year. IT security experts from the prpl Foundation and Lastline and Rapid7 commented below. Art Swift, President at the Prpl Foundation: “Once […]

NSFOCUS Launches Global Threat Intelligence Platform To Defend Against Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

As New Threat Actors and Vulnerabilities Emerge, NSFOCUS Provides the Most Complete Insight into Evolving Threats with Real-time, Actionable Intelligence LONDON, UK. NSFOCUS, a global provider of intelligent hybrid security solutions, today announced the launch of its Global Threat Intelligence platform. In the world of cyber attacks, 2016 may go on record as the worst year the enterprise has ever […]

Plixer On Cybersecurity Strategy For The US

Following the news that during a Republican party retreat, US Senator John McCain warned that the US does not have a comprehensive plan to deal with cyberwarfare. Michael Patterson, CEO at Plixer International commented below. Michael Patterson, CEO at Plixer: “One of the biggest challenges is unequivocally knowing who is behind a specific cyber attack […]